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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/16/18

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Aaron Judge’s recovery taking longer than 3 weeks; Luis Cessa pitches poorly, optioned to Triple-A; Miguel Andujar adds two more XBH to total, might be AL ROTY leader; Giancarlo Stanton takes photos with WWE Superstars

Kansas City Royals v New York Yankees
You’re gonna be okay
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Newsday | Erik Boland: Aaron Judge is still on the DL and I am still sad about this fact. The good news is that they ran another MRI and CT scan to make sure there was no additional damage and there was not. The bad news is just that his recovery is taking longer than the 3 week time frame they were hoping for. They still believe that Judge will be back in time for the more meaningful games later in the year. For now, we must wait. Judge is so very brave. | Mandy Bell: Luis Cessa was given another opportunity to start a game while CC Sabathia is on the DL. Guess what? It didn’t go very well for Cessa. While Cessa has shown us signs of decency this year, last night he didn’t last very long at all. Later on that night, he was optioned down to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Cessa does not have any options left after this season, so we’ll see where he goes from here.

Newsday | Owen O’Brien: Miguel Andujar hits extra base hits. He’s very good at doing that. Last night he added a couple more XBH’s with a dinger and a double. Aaron Boone has been very impressed by what he’s seen from Miggy. There’s no doubt that Andujar is in the Rookie of the Year conversation for this year. His main competition is probably Gleyber Torres and he is currently in a slump since coming off the DL. If Miggy keeps it up at his current pace, he could very well earn the title.

Cut4 | Matt Monagan: Some WWE superstars stopped by Yankee Stadium yesterday before it was time to play the game. Giancarlo Stanton smelled what they were cooking and made sure to get some photos with the superstars. In terms of height, the WWE stars stood no chance in hell of towering over him. Can I get a hell yeah??