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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/15/18

J.A. Happ and Lance Lynn are helping stabilize the rotation; Austin Romine hits career high 8th home run; CC Sabathia only expected to miss one start; a look at Derek Jeter’s first season as a Marlins CEO

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
I throw you now
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Newsday | David Lennon: The Yankees starting rotation has been interesting this season. By interesting, I mean weird & injured & bad & Sonny Gray & & wait are Lance Lynn and J.A. Happ the best starters in the rotation? Perhaps that is a bit premature. Perhaps. However, Lynn & Happ have given the Yankees everything they could have asked for in their short time in pinstripes. “Be better than Sonny Gray” is a pretty low bar to clear, but they have. And how. As the Yankees finish their push for the playoffs, Cashman’s trade deadline moves to get both may very well pay off. | Mandy Bell: Austin Romine had a historic night for Austin Romine. He hit his 8th home run of the season, which is a career high for him. Every dong he hits going forward will be a new career high. This dinger also put the Yankees on pace to hit 265 homers for the season, which would break the single season record of 264. I can’t think of one Pinstripe Alley writer who wouldn’t love for Romine to be the one to hit number 265. Nope. Not one.

New York Post | Fred Kerber: CC Sabathia recently went on the DL for his knee. We’ve seen this before and, if he comes back again next year, we’ll probably see it again. The good news is that CC was smart about it and did not try to push it until it got once. Due to that, his knee was drained and he is only expected to miss one start. This is good. Luis Cessa will get his start tonight. | Jerry Crasnick: Former Yankees SS and current Marlins’ owner Derek Jeter is starting to garner re2pect in Miami. This article gives us a ton of details about how his first year in Miami has gone and it has seemingly gone well. Jeter is making an effort to connect with the younger demographic. Jeter is also making efforts to improve the conditions of minor league players. Of course, that doesn’t mean more money, because sigh. However, efforts to help improve learned and living conditions have increased. In addition, Jeter discusses the language barrier and how he is requiring the American-born players & coaches, in addition to himself, to take Spanish courses once a week. You should give the entire article a read, as he is really doing it his way in Miami. Yeah Jeets!

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