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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/12/18

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Lance Lynn is happy to be a Yankee; Giancarlo Stanton dealing with left hamstring tightness; Zach Britton needs to fix his command issues; a look at some of the Yankees’ top prospects

MLB: New York Yankees at Chicago White Sox
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Newsday | Steven Marcus: Brian Cashman works in mysterious ways. Lance Lynn was the Yankees biggest move during the trade deadline. It was met with skepticism and chuckles, along with a smidgen of hope. That hope is paying off thus far. Lynn has been everything the Yankees have needed him to be. Both Lance and his father are happy he’s in pinstripes, as they are both huge Yankees’ fans. Glad to have you on board, Lance. | Mandy Bell: Giancarlo Stanton is a New York Yankee and it’s pretty awesome. What’s not awesome is the left hamstring tightness he’s been dealing with for about a week. Thankfully, that has not affect his bat much at all, as Stanton has been on quite the tear. The plan going forward is for Stanton to see more DH time. I bet you’re wondering who is going to play right field during that time. Guess what, it’s you!

New York Post | Greg Joyce: Zach Britton was one of the other big trade deadline acquisitions for Cashman. His tenure in pinstripes is not going as well as Lance Lynn. Britton believes that he’s getting in his own way a bit, but is hopeful that he can work it out. That would be nice. It’s also nice that Dellin Betances has been lights out for pretty much all year.

Newsday | Michael Ruiz: Here is a brief look and update at the Yankees’ current prospects. Justus Sheffield is at the top of the list, of course. Estevan Florial follows him at #2. Click the link to find out more. You probably won’t be disappointed. Probably.

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