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Yankees acquire Lance Lynn from Twins: Community reactions

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Do Yankees fans think this trade is a “Lynn”?

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins
“Did I do that?”
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Monday’s offday was anything but an offday for Brian Cashman. As is normal for most general managers leading up the trade deadline, Cashman made a few roster moves on Monday, but none were all that spectacular. The most notable one was acquiring Lance Lynn from the Twins in exchange for Tyler Austin and Luis Rijo.

The move came as a bit of a surprise since the Yankees already shored up the rotation with the addition of J.A. Happ. Yet it was the trade sending Adam Warren to the Mariners that gave insight into this move.

After the move was made, Pinstripe Alley’s staff members gave their own insights into the trade. Greg Kirkland thinks it was as lateral a move as the Yankees could make. Joshua Diemert sees value in the move as an insurance policy. Jake Devin contends that the organization believes that Lynn has turned a corner, and are banking on his upside.

So that just leaves us wondering how other Yankees fans are reacting to the trade.

lynn community reactions

I guess the Yankees’ official Twitter couldn’t just tweet out the shrug emoji.

lynn community reactions
lynn community reactions

The benefits of this trade don’t really come from this trade though. It’s getting international pool money that’ll help the Yankees. And while the Yankees traded from a position of strength in giving up Warren, they went ahead and got his replacement right away.

On the surface it may seem like a lateral move, but maybe it’s actually a positive one?

lynn community reactions
lynn community reactions

He’s certainly turned it around from his awful start to the year. Maybe not having a full spring training had something to do with that. He’s still not someone to get excited over, but maybe it won’t be that bad.

lynn community reactions

Looking at the upcoming schedule and the fact that Yankees starters struggle with giving length, this move could end up being beneficial. As long as they’re looking at Lynn as depth and insurance and not the solution to their woes, they’ll be just fine.

While the division is still the goal, looking ahead and prepping for a possible Wild Card game because the Red Sox are playing out of their minds is not a bad idea.

lynn community reactions

Sometimes, it’s good to just set the bar super low.

Finally, let’s turn to a Twins fan to see what they think of this trade:

lynn community reactions

Ah, well.

The overall consensus seems to be that this trade is underwhelming, but may end up working out for the Yankees. Only time will tell. Tell us what you think in the comments!


What do you think of the Yankees trading for Lance Lynn?

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