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The best ever performances from Yankees in the All-Star Game

From all-time legends to pitchers hitting, here’s a look back at some of the best all-star performances in Yankees’ history.

85th MLB All Star Game

With as long and as storied a history as the Yankees have, it’s no surprise they have had plenty of All-Stars over the years. Several of those players have gone on to play key roles in their respective All-Star Games. Here’s a look back at some of those memorable moments.

On the batting side of things, a good entry comes from relatively recent history: Derek Jeter in 2000. The Yankees shortstop won MVP honors after collecting three hits and driving in two runs. The biggest of those hits was a fourth inning double off Al Leiter that scored two runs and broke a 1-1 tie. The American League never trailed after that hit.

It should also be noted that this game is tied for the most hits in a single game by a Yankee. That comes despite the notion that players in recent years don’t play for as long in the All-Star Game as they did in the early decades of the exhibition. Funnily enough, Jeter is tied with himself from 2004 and Dave Winfield from 1983.

The only other Yankee to take home an MVP award was Mariano Rivera in 2013. Rivera threw a perfect eighth inning, helping the AL to a 3-0 win at Citi Field. There weren’t any other obvious candidates, but if we’re honest, Rivera winning was in part because that was his final season. It was still pretty cool, however.

Another nominee for best hitting performance belongs to Lou Gehrig. In 1937, he drove in four of the American League’s eight runs in an 8-3 win in Washington, D.C. If we have to choose one that reigns above the others, however, I present Vic Raschi in 1948.

The Yankees pitcher came in at the beginning of the fourth after Walt Masterson started the game for the AL. Raschi threw three scoreless innings, allowing three hits and a walk, presiding over the game as the AL opened up a three-run lead. Oh, and how did they get that lead?

In the bottom of the fourth, the AL loaded bases ahead of Raschi in the nine spot in the lineup. The pitcher singled, scoring two runs to put the American League ahead. Except for a Joe DiMaggio RBI single in the next at bat, there were no other runs scored in the game. Raschi’s hit ended up being the game-decider.

On the pitching side, a pair of games from the early years stand out. In 1935, Lefty Gomez threw six innings, allowing just one run in a 4-1 win. The American League lost in 1950, but Allie Reynolds threw three scoreless innings in a tied game. Thanks in large part to escaping a bases-loaded jam in the 11th, this outing is the highest in terms of winning percentage added of any Yankees appearance. He was replaced by Ted Gray, who went on to allow the National League to win the game.

The Yankees will likely have several players in this year’s game. Who knows, maybe one of them adds a performance to this list of great Yankees who played in the Mid-Summer Classic.