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Yankees had some interest in Andrew McCutchen, but he’s likely staying put

Cross another candidate for the Yankees’ outfield spot off the list.

Chicago Cubs v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The hunt for a backup outfielder continues. The Yankees have expressed interest in just about every outfielder said to be available. They remain in talks with the Marlins for Cameron Maybin, and have discussed Curtis Granderson with the Blue Jays. Earlier, it was reported that the Yankees had “soft interest” in Andrew McCutchen, but it sounds like the Giants have no intention of moving him.

McCutchen, 31, is far removed from his MVP caliber years. That said, he’s still a productive batter, hitting .258/.352/.407 with 10 home runs on the season. Many see him as an August waiver trade candidate.

Trading for McCutchen sounded great in theory. He’s a right-handed hitting corner outfielder with a long, successful track record. He has some postseason experience, too! A problem, however, arises when one considers what happens when Aaron Judge returns. The Yankees are looking for a stopgap outfielder, someone who can slide into a bench role once Judge gets healthy. At this point in his career, McCutchen can still kick it as an everyday player.

Reports eliminated Jose Bautista from the Yankees’ radar earlier this morning. Now you can take McCutchen out. By process of elimination, that leaves Granderson and Maybin. If the Yankees really want that right-handed hitter, then all signs point to the Marlins outfielder.