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Yankees acquire Lance Lynn in the most lateral move imaginable

The Yankees have acquired Lance Lynn. What does that mean for the pitching staff going forward?

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox
Pretty much, yeah
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier tonight, the Yankees traded Tyler Austin and Luis Rijo to the Minnesota Twins for RHP Lance Lynn. Yes, the very same Lance Lynn that the Yankees could have signed in the offseason. Things have changed since then, and the Yankees have a need for pitching depth. Okay, things haven’t changed that much since then. Just work with me here.

I have seen Lynn pitch in person more than most Pinstripe Alley writers, due to the fact that I live in Minneapolis and go to a lot of Twins games. Watching Lynn pitch is a plodding experience. Yes, that is the best adjective I can use to describe it. Twinkie Town writer Randball Stu provides some of the best Lance Lynn analysis available for Yankee fans.

Given that the Yankees just traded Adam Warren to the Mariners for that sweet international spending pool bonus coin, Lynn could provide some better protection if they need a spot starter here and there. Considering that rain has been their mortal enemy all year long, this is not that far-fetched of an idea.

Keep in mind though, it’s still Lynn. To provide the best context from the other side of this trade, I will provide the word-for-word reaction to this trade from a Twins fan:

“Oh my god!” - Greg

“What?” -Myjah

“The Yankees just acquired Lance Lynn!” -Greg

“BWAHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” -Myjah, who laughed for a good 3-5 minutes after the initial laughter

The good thing about this trade is that Lynn does not close the door on other potential moves the Yankees can make. Justus Sheffield could still be called up. Brian Cashman could make another classic Ninja Cash move for a starting pitcher. If he doesn’t, the good news is that Lynn has shown improvement recently.

He just recently pitched well against the Red Sox, going toe to toe with Chris Sale.

It’s admittedly hard getting excited about a trade for Lynn. I mean, even the Yankees official Twitter account picked the most perfect facial expression to describe this move.

Either way, here we are. Welcome to the Yankees, Lynn. Please continue pitching well against the Red Sox.