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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/3/18

Miguel Andujar wins AL Rookie of the Month for June; Yankees sign Rafael Severino, Luis Severino’s brother; the Sonny Gray trade was still the best move at the time; Aaron Judge looks like a lock for the All-Star Game OF; Dellin Betances completely fools Ozzie Albies with a pitch

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Newsday | Kenny DeJohn: Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres are probably the top contenders for the AL Rookie of the Year award this year. You may remember that Gleyber was the AL Rookie of the Month winner in May. Well, you’ll be happy to learn that Andujar was the AL Rookie of the Month winner in June. Aaron Boone had nothing but praise for Andujar before yesterday’s game, in terms of both his personality and his skills at the based balls. | Bryan Hoch: Luis Severino is, uh, good. Really good. Ace-like, even. I would personally love to clone him and create a rotation of Severinos. Sadly, ethics does not allow scientific progress of that nature. Thankfully, the Yankees found another solution. Yesterday, they announced that they signed Rafael Severino, Luis Severino’s brother. He will pitch at the team’s academy in the Dominican Republic. Needless to say, he is excited. As is his brother. As am I. ALL THE SEVERINOS!!!

Beyond the Box Score | Matt Provenzano: The name Sonny Gray does not exactly elicit warm sunny feelings from the majority of Yankee fans out there. Quite the opposite. Gray’s inconsistent outings have left their mark this season. Former Pinstripe Alley legend Matt Provenzano takes a look at Gray’s season thus far and concludes that the trade for Gray, at the time, was not a bad idea. Give this a read. | Bryan Hoch: It’s July. Yay. As such, we are quickly approaching the fabled All-Star Break, when all our All-Stars get together in a no-holds barred battle of epic majesty. Aaron Judge, idol of millions and friend to children everywhere, seems like a lock for one of the three AL outfielder positions. Judge has already stated that he has no intention of participating in the Home Run Derby, because it just wouldn’t be fair to anyone else. What a guy.

Cut4 | Eric Chesterton: Okay, let’s not sugarcoat it. Last night’s loss was a tad annoying. The RISPFail was in full force. However, one bright spot continues to be the stellar work of the bullpen. Dellin Betances threw a pitch last night that completely fooled Ozzie Albies in an almost hilarious fashion. Click the link to view it again.