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Yankees news: Braves reportedly scouting Sonny Gray

Could the Yankees part ways with their struggling pitcher?

Kansas City Royals v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Multiple teams were rumored to be scouting Sonny Gray last week. According to Brendan Kuty, the Braves sent a scout to watch his Thursday start against the Royals. Obviously losing Gray would just create another hole in the rotation, but this could indicate that they are serious about trading for Chris Archer or another front-line starter.

To say that Gray has struggled since becoming a Yankee would be an understatement. During his year in pinstripes, he pitched to a 4.55 ERA (4.54 FIP) with walk and home run rates much higher than his career numbers. Perhaps even more troubling is the fact that opponents are hitting .291 off him at Yankee Stadium. He hasn’t pitched well at home, but he has been much better on the road (3.62 ERA). A trade out of the AL East might do him some good.

Who knows if Gray could right the ship in Atlanta or how helpful he would be as the Braves make their own playoff push, but by all means, they can take him. If the Yankees have a plan in place to bring in a better pitcher, there’s no reason they should hold onto the right-hander.

Do you think the Yankees should keep Gray for any reason, or would you trade him to any team that is interested? Sound off in the comments.