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Yankees acquire Zach Britton from Orioles: Media reactions

You know what PSA has to say, but what does the media have to say about the trade for Britton?

Oakland Athletics v Baltimore Orioles
“Here take this. I don’t want any memories of this place.”
Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

It’s official. The Yankees made their first big splash before the trade deadline yesterday evening. It began with reports that the Yankees were getting close to acquiring Zach Britton from the Orioles. By the time yesterday’s game against the Rays was finished, Jon Heyman noted that the deal had been agreed upon. For Britton, the Yankees sent Dillon Tate, Cody Carroll, and Josh Rogers to Baltimore. So, how did they end up here?

The Orioles pitching woes are quite well known, by this point, so it’s no shock that they were looking for pitching prospects. After all, they’re running out of pitchers who will give up home runs to Aaron Judge. The fact that Tate headlined this deal, however, goes back to a random June game back in 2014.

How things have changed in four years. We’ve gone from making Carlos Beltran resurrection jokes to Revolutionary War jokes.

Those that are familiar with me know that I, like some of my other PSA counterparts (okay just Greg Kirkland), judge Yankee acquisitions based on the ability to make puns with their names.

Britton turns blue coat

I think he’ll be just fine here. In all seriousness, though. The Yankees took a strength of theirs and made it even stronger. The addition of Britton to the bullpen is unreal.

Good luck, everybody. Now, one truth that we need to accept is that the Yankees were only able to get Britton at that cost because his value has diminished a bit recently. Back in December, Britton suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon which sidelined him until recently. He’s been a bit shaky overall since returning, but he seems to be rounding into his normal self, which is what the Yankees are counting on.

That’ll certainly play. It also helps that he has some success against the Red Sox team that the Yankees are chasing.

Can’t argue with those numbers. If Britton lives up to his ability, than no one will be complaining. The Yankees got better yesterday, but at what cost?

That certainly makes it an easier pill to swallow. Plus, besides bolstering the Yankees bullpen, the team gets the added benefit of keeping Britton away from the competition.

It wasn’t cheap, but considering that the Astros and Red Sox were both in the hunt for Britton, keeping him away from both of those teams will benefit down the stretch. Additionally, the Dodgers, Cubs, Brewers, Rockies, and Braves were all linked to him not too long ago. At least one former teammate of Tate and Rogers is taking the news in stride.

The biggest question remaining is how does this affect the Yankees’ luxury tax goals? It’s no secret that the Yankees are determined to stay under the $197 million threshold, and there’s no chance they go over it. Where does Britton’s salary leave them?

While the Yankees are taking on Britton’s full remaining salary, the good news is that they still have some room to play with. This gives them room to address their biggest need, which is a starting pitcher.

It’ll be interesting to see how Aaron Boone uses Britton. One thing we do know, however, is that he won’t be displacing Aroldis Chapman as the closer.

Personally, I think having this many closer-quality arms allows you to not have any one closer, but as long as Boone isn’t dedicated to each reliever owning a specific inning, it can still work. Luckily, it looks like Britton has no qualms about joining a team he considered a rival.

Leaving the Orioles and not having to face Aaron Judge must do wonders for a pitcher’s morale. His new teammates are excited to have him, too, because they know what he can do.

This should be a fun ride to the finish. The Yankees definitely got better yesterday and everyone seems to agree. Hopefully Cashman can keep the momentum going and get a starter before the trade deadline. For now, though, getting Zach Britton is a good a starting point.