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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/24/18

Gary Sanchez has an inexcusable night; Cashman says deep farm is hurting trade talks; Yankees interested in Archer, Eovaldi; Domingo German is about to have a son; Pinstripe Alley is saddened/angry at the recent firings at the New York Daily News

Tronc Slashes NY Daily News Newsroom Staff By 50 Percent
F&^k Tronc
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Good morning. Before we get to today’s links, I just personally want to address something. As you well know, these link dumps are fueled by the New York sports media. My job, and the job of my other fellow morning link crew, is to search for the best & most relevant news stories and articles related to the New York Yankees. We then provide a nice post for you to view them all in, such as this one. Yesterday, a long-standing source that helps us do that task was brutally and indefensibly gutted.

After massive layoffs on Monday, the New York Daily News sports staff was just reduced to nine people. It had thirty-five. Just nine people, covering one of the absolute biggest sports markets in the country. Nine. There are few words I can think of that describe just how idiotic and insane this is. Thankfully, YES broadcaster and former Daily News alum Michael Kay provides exactly the words needed to describe this tragedy.

Deadspin provides a list of some of just a few of the individuals let go on Monday. If you want to know why and how this happened, Deadspin also provides a pretty good look at that. The New York Post also puts it into perspective.

I am just a blogger. The individuals whose articles I post in here are journalists. I am furious that Tronc just cut the New York Daily News staff in half. I am furious that these people all lost their jobs because of absolute garbage corporate greed. The New York Daily News had a slogan back when I was younger. It was “New York’s Hometown Newspaper.” As Kay said, it was a New York institution. Yesterday was a really bad day.

To Christian Red, Mike Mazzeo, Peter Botte, John Harper, Daniel Popper, and anyone else who I’ve had the pleasure to link to over the years, thank you for everything. You made my job a lot easier and more enjoyable with your work. I wish you and your colleagues the best of luck in the future. | Joey Johnston: Speaking of bad days, let’s just get this out of the way right now. Gary Sanchez had a bad day. To be blunt, he had a inexcusable day. I am not a big “he didn’t hustle out of the box” kind of guy. So when even I’m pissed about Gary not running hard down the line, I think that says it all. Between that and the defensive blunder in the 1st inning that cost them a run, yeah. I’m not sure if Aaron Boone is going to bench Sanchez today, but let’s just say his decision whether or not to do so will reflect on him going forward. Of course, maybe he’ll thank Gary for taking the heat off of the idiotic decision to bunt and take the bat out of Giancarlo Stanton’s hands.

WFAN Sports Radio: The trade deadline is fast approaching and Brian Cashman is on the hunt. His target is pitching. However, Cashman stated that the Yankees’ deep farm system is not exactly helping him right now. Weird, right? Cashman says that other teams thinks that he is being too stingy with his offers, while he believes he’s making competitive offers. It’s going to be a long week. Do the thing, Ninja Cash.

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: One such pitcher the Yankees could attempt to acquire is in the other dugout at the Trop. Chris Archer will be one of the most sought after pitchers this trade deadline. The Yankees, as well as the Braves, Diamondbacks, and Brewers, all had scouts in attendance for Archer’s last start. The Rays do not exactly like helping a fellow AL East rival, so Archer may not come cheap. Or at all. They could wind up with Nathan Eovaldi all over again. It’s going to be a long week.

Cut4 | Jessica Kleinschmidt: Domingo German was recently optioned down to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. However, he still had some exciting news recently. German just found out that his wife will soon give birth to a baby boy. He posted his reaction to finding out and yeah, it’s safe to say he was excited. Congrats to his family!