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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/17/18

Jacob deGrom wants Mets to trade him if they’re not interested in an extension; Manny Machado deal with non-Yankee team reportedly close to being done; Machado’s nephew wants him in pinstripes; Judge and teammates plan to take in all the All-Star Game festivities

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
What am I doing with my life, man??
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

MLBTradeRumors | Steve Adams: For once, we’re not going to lead off the link dump with news about Manny Machado. Don’t worry though, because that’s coming. Today’s link dump starts off with Jacob deGrom news, because lordy lord do I want deGrom on deYankees. His agent spoke with Ken Rosenthal regarding their talks with the Mets. While they are not demanding a trade, they are saying that if the Mets have no interest in an extension, they should consider trade opportunities. We have no idea what the Mets are thinking, because Mets. However, you can be sure that Cashman is keeping his ninja eyes on this one.

Lurk, Cash. Lurk!

FanCred Sports | Jon Heyman: In case you missed Tyler’s article about this last night, Manny Machado is close to being traded. Well, until he isn’t. For right now though, the Orioles are very close to making a deal with a team. It does not appear that the Yankees are that team. It’s looking more and more like the Phillies are pushing the hardest to get him. We probably will not find out until after the All-Star Game and there will probably be another article or four with different information. Trade season, folks.

Cut4 | Jessica Kleinschmidt: Before the Home Run Derby last night, MLB Network managed to talk with Manny Machado and get the inside scoop on where he might be headed. Of course, by inside scoop, I mean his nephew J.J. Pedro Martinez asked J.J. where he’d like his uncle to wind up and J.J. wants to see him in Yankee pinstripes. All we need to do know is get the paperwork straightened out. Thanks, J.J. | Bryan Hoch: Tonight, the best of the American League will square off against the best of the National League in a gathering of All-Star players. They call it the “All-Star Game” or something. Aaron Judge will be part of this gathering of All-Stars for the second year in a row. Joining him will be fellow Yankees Gleyber Torres, Luis Severino, and Aroldis Chapman. Judge and his fellow teammates plan to take it all in. You can do the same tonight.