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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/12/18

Yankees have strong interest in Manny Machado; some comparisons to what a trade for Machado might look like; Giants let Yankees know Jeff Samardzija is available; the issue with fining Gardner for pace-of-play violations; Gary Sanchez expected back right after the All-Star Break

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports | Jason Catania: Manny Machado is the hottest name on the trade rumor block. It’s been reported that the Yankees are definitely interested in the Manny services that he can provide. It was reported earlier that the Orioles wanted Justus Sheffield. Then it was reported that the Yankees did not offer the O’s Justus. THEN it was reported that the Yankees are still highly interested in him. OMG AND THEN MACHADO FAVED AN INSTAGRAM PHOTO OF HIM IN A YANKEES UNIFORM!!!

What I’m trying to say is that you should stay tuned to Pinstripe Alley for all your trade season coverage.

Fangraphs | Jeff Sullivan: Since we’re on the subject of Manny Machado, and by “we” I mean all fans of contending baseball teams, Mr. Sullivan put together a good look at what a Machado-ish player should cost teams trade-wise. Click on the link to see five trades that draw similar comparison to the potential upcoming Machado trade. No really, click the link. It’s a good article, I promise you.

The Score | Brandon Wile: According to Bob Nightengale, the San Francisco Giants have let the Yankees know that Jeff Samardzija (first try) is available. Which is, uh, um, whatever the polite word for “BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA” is. Samardzija is not exactly pitching well this year, which is the polite way to say “he sucks.” But hey, thanks for letting us know, Giants.

Fangraphs | Sheryl Ring: HOW DARE YOU FINE BRETT GARDN...okay, allow me to actually talk about the article before going into a rage about my lovable gritty gutty one. Brett Gardner was recently fined due to pace-of-play violations. Gardner was not happy about it, and neither was I. While Gardner is not exactly the Flash when getting into the batter’s box, he rightfully questioned why pitchers aren’t getting fined more for taking too long in between pitches. I’ll be honest, I side with Brett Gardner here. Just stop sliding into first, Brett! | Mandy Bell: Good news on the Gary Sanchez front. He did some work yesterday and is close to being sent on a rehab assignment, most likely during the All-Star break. If everything goes well, Aaron Boone says that Sanchez should hopefully be ready immediate after the break. Hopefully Gleyber Torres is also ready around that time as well.

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