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Recounting the Yankees’ weirdest moments from June

From time traveling to haircuts to relievers hitting, let’s look back at the weirdest moment from the Yankees in June.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

After Saturday’s loss, June will finish with the second highest winning percentage of any month for the Yankees this season. A win would have made it the best month, but it wasn’t in the cards. However, we’re not looking at just the good things here. This is a look back at the weirdest and dumbest moments for the Yankees in the month of June.

June 4th

Both of these human beings hit home runs in the game that followed this:

June 6th

In a bit of a reversal from other games from this season, Sonny Gray shut down the Blue Jays, throwing eight scoreless innings in Toronto, while the offense was struggling. After just five hits in the first 12 innings, the Yankees got three in the 13th, including home runs from Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. That ended up being enough.

June 10th

While it has happened since, this makes the list as it was the first time the Yankees had been shutout all season. Even weirder was the fact that it was the Mets who did it.

June 16th

Chasen Shreve had a more disastrous outing with no out recorded later in the month, but this is as close to a “one of these things is not like the others” comparison you can get on this Yankees team.

May 15th/June 18th

Due to baseball being weird, the official date of this game in sources such as Baseball Reference in May 15th. However as you may recall, this game was resumed on June 18th after it was rained out a couple innings in back in May. When it was resumed, the deciding runs were driven in by Juan Soto, who had not played in the majors when the game started on the original date.

Someday years from now when all stadiums have retractable roofs, people are going to look back with bemusement and confusion at how Soto managed to hit a home run in a game that started while he was playing a Double-A game.

June 24th

Chasen Shreve managed to undo eight innings of good work by the bullpen in literally ONE pitch. Not to mention, this game completed a Rays’ sweep of the Yankees.

June 25th

This game makes it in for one reason mainly. A sixth inning double switch moved the pitcher’s slot in the batting order to the six hole. Two innings later, Dellin Betances was on the mound, and Aaron Boone wanted to stick with him to at least start the bottom of the ninth. Problem was, the Yankees scored a pair of runs in the inning, and the six spot in the lineup came to the plate with one out, despite the top of the order starting the inning.

Boone let Betances hit. The Yankees’ reliever gave it his best shot, and even had a Gary Sheffield-like bat waggle. However, not shockingly, Betances’ first career at-bat ended in a strikeout.