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Yankees 2018 draft pick results tracker and social media guide

Keep track of the Yankees’ 2018 draft class.

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles

The 2018 MLB Draft is over, and now all that’s left to do is wait and see who decides to sign with the Yankees. Obviously looking to strengthen a current weakness in the farm system, the Yankees selected catchers in the first and second round, then picked four more before all was said and done. Don’t worry though, they still drafted plenty of right-handed pitchers. Their favorite.

Like in previous years, I’ve put together a list of the Yankees’ 2018 draft class, including their Twitter handle if they happen to have one. It typically takes a few days before players start making their decisions, but some have already done so. It will take even longer for their team assignments to become available. We’ll continue to update this post and the table as more information trickles out.

2018 Draft Tracker

Round Player School DOB Twitter Status Assignment
Round Player School DOB Twitter Status Assignment
1 (23) Anthony Seigler Cartersville HS 6/20/1999 Signed GCL Yankees West
2 (61) Josh Breaux McLennan CC 10/7/1997 @Big_Boshy Signed GCL Yankees West
3 (97) Ryder Green Karns HS 5/5/2000 @airryder25 Signed GCL Yankees East
4 (127) Frank German U North Florida 9/22/1997 @fgswift Signed GCL Yankees West
5 (157) Brandon Lockridge Troy University 3/14/1997 @Brandon_Lock2 Signed GCL Yankees West
6 (187) Rodney Hutchison North Carolina 8/9/1996 @rodhutch9 Signed SI Yankees
7 (217) Daniel Bies Gonzaga 4/9/1996 @DBies21 Signed GCL Yankees East
8 (247) Connor Van Hoose Bucknell U 2/1/1996 Signed GCL Yankees West
9 (277) Mick Vorhof Grand Canyon U 9/7/1995 @MickVorhof Signed GCL Yankees West
10 (307) Josh Maciejewski UNC Charlotte 8/14/1995 @J_Maciejewski22 Signed GCL Yankees East
11 (337) Tanner Myatt Florence-Darlington Tech 5/21/1998 Signed GCL Yankees East
12 (367) Matt Pita Virginia Military Institute 4/21/1997 @Matt_Pita Signed GCL Yankees West
13 (397) Isaiah Pasteur George Washington U 6/19/1996 @IsaiahPasteur06 Signed GCL Yankees East
14 (427) Kyle Gray West Virginia U 3/25/1997 @TheKyleGray9 Signed SI Yankees
15 (457) Nick Ernst Miami University (OH) 8/27/1996 @NickyE123 Signed GCL Yankees East
16 (487) Derek Craft University of Texas - San Antonio 7/11/1996 @pitchDMC Signed GCL Yankees East
17 (517) Barrett Loseke U Arkansas Fayetteville 11/12/1996 @bloseke4 Signed GCL Yankees East
18 (547) Alex Guerrero Eagle HS (ID) 3/10/2000 Signed GCL Yankees East
19 (577) Alex Junior Tennessee Tech U 5/28/1996 @JuniorCloud9 Signed SI Yankees
20 (607) Marcus Evey Tennessee Tech U 8/4/1997 @EveyMarcus Signed GCL Yankees West
21 (637) Mitchell Robinson U British Columbia 3/17/1996 @mitchrobinson44 Signed GCL Yankees West
22 (667) Keegan Curtis U Louisiana Monroe 9/30/1995 @Curtis_Keegan06 Signed GCL Yankees East
23 (697) Justin Wilson Vanderbilt U 9/9/1996 @j_wilson015 Signed Pulaski
24 (727) Blakely Brown Georgia Southern 8/20/1996 Signed GCL Yankees East
25 (757) Sean Boyle Dallas Baptist U 10/29/1996 @SeanCBoyle Signed GCL Yankees West
26 (787) Jack Thoreson St Marys College 6/25/1995 @jacksonthor_28 Signed SI Yankees
27 (817) Mickey Gasper Bryant University (RI) 10/11/1995 @_Mick_the_Kid_ Signed Pulaski
28 (847) Max Burt Northeastern (MA) 8/28/1996 @Maxburt14 Signed Pulaski
29 (877) Jackson Bertsch Liberty U 2/14/1995 @jacksonbertsch Signed GCL Yankees West
30 (907) Tyler Johnson Gardner-Webb U 7/12/1996 @the2ndthor Signed GCL Yankees East
31 (937) Patrick Winkel Amity Regional HS (CT) 1/27/2000 @patrick_winkel Won't sign N/A
32 (967) Sincere Smith East Bladen HS 3/13/2000 Signed GCL Yankees West
33 (997) Charlie Ruegger Stevens Institute of Technology 7/14/1997 @CharlieRuegger Signed GCL Yankees East
34 (1027) Matt McGarry Belmont Abbey College 3/24/1996 @mmcgarry_24 Signed GCL Yankees East
35 (1057) Austin Wells Bishop Gorman HS (NV) 7/12/1999 @wellsius16 Won't sign N/A
36 (1087) Jack Anderson Jesuit HS (FL) 11/23/1999 @jack112399 Won't sign N/A
37 (1117) Landon Marceaux Destrehan HS (LA) 10/8/1999 @Landeaux11 Won't sign N/A
38 (1147) Daniel Metzdorf Boston College 5/28/1996 @DanMETZdorf Won't sign N/A
39 (1177) Brady Allen George Jenkins HS (FL) 9/3/1999 @bradyallen3312 Won't sign N/A
40 (1207) Reid Anderson Brown U 9/6/1995 @YouKnowTaco Signed GCL Yankees West

Post-draft updates

6/9: Good news: Anthony Seigler stated that he “definitely” intends to sign with the Yankees.

Josh Maciejewski has already signed his contract.

Alex Junior, Keegan Curtis, Mickey Gasper, Matt Pita, and Nick Ernst have all added the Yankees organization to their Twitter bio, so it’s safe to assume that they have signed or will sign.

Max Burt also tweeted this and tagged Gasper:

Alex Guerrero signed a letter of intent to play for the University of Washington, but after being selected by the Yankees said that he was 99.9% sure that he’d skip college and sign with the team.

Landon Marceaux’s Twitter indicates that he will honor his college commitment and attend LSU.

6/9 part two: That was fast. Seigler has officially signed for $2.8 million (slot value).


Derek Craft headed to Tampa today. Mitchell Robinson and Reid Anderson updated their Twitter bios to say that they are in the Yankees org.

6/11: Alex Guerrero has signed his contract. Patrick Winkel will attend UConn.

6/12: Joshua Breaux signed today! The Yankees have officially signed nine of their top 12 picks now.

Sincere Smith has also signed.

6/13: Third round pick, Ryder Green, has signed with the Yankees for a deal worth $997,500. Breaux, who signed yesterday, agreed to $1,497,500.

6/14: Kyle Gray, Marcus Evey, and Matt McGarry each updated their Twitter bios to say that they are in the Yankees organization.

6/15: Brady Allen will attend the University of South Carolina.

6/18: Austin Wells’ Twitter indicates that he will attend U of A.

6/21: Sean Boyle has signed. Updated to include several roster assignments.

6/21 part two: Jackson Bertsch updated his Twitter bio to say that he is part of the Yankees organization.

6/22: More roster assignments added.

6/23: Tyler Johnson signed and has been assigned to the GCL Yankees East.

6/25: Jack Thoreson signed and joined the Staten Island Yankees.

6/26: Isaiah Pasteur added the Yankees organization to his Twitter bio.

6/28: The Yankees have officially signed their top 16 picks.

Blakely Brown also added the Yankees organization to his Instagram bio. Jack Anderson will attend Florida State University.

7/1: Justin Wilson added the Yankees organization to his Twitter bio.

7/5: Added several more roster assignments.

7/6: Today is the deadline for players to sign. The Yankees were only waiting on three players: Barrett Loseke, Charlie Ruegger, and Dan Metzdorf. According to MLB’s draft tracker, Loseke signed for $125,000.

7/9: Charlie Ruegger signed at the last minute, Dan Metzdorf did not. Most of the roster assignment have been added, with the exception of those for Blakely Brown and Ruegger.

7/18: Blakely Brown has been assigned to GCL Yankees East.

7/20: Charlie Ruegger, the lone straggler, joined the GCL Yankees East. That’s everybody! This will be the final update here, but you can follow everyone’s progress in our daily minor league recaps.