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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/8/18

Seigler to stay at catcher, Clarke near game-ready; Andujar a sleeper All-Star candidate; A pitching trade probably should happen; deGrom and Syndergaard available; Subway Series returns tonight; The story of Ruth’s 715 HRs

MLB: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays
“Anthony Seigler can do what?!”
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: In the first round of the MLB Draft, the Yankees selected catcher Anthony Seigler, a high school prospect. But he’s so much more. He’s a switch-hitting catcher, who can also switch-pitch, and play in both the infield and outfield. He’s an exciting talent. The Yankees, though, are intrigued by the idea of a switch-hitting catcher and intend to keep him at catcher. I hope he gets a chance to pull an Andrew Romine one day. Damon Oppenheimer also provided an update on Clarke Schmidt: | Ian Browne: While we’re talking about exciting prospects, we can also talk about someone who was an exciting prospect not too long ago: Miguel Andujar. You might know him by his legal name Miguel “What the bunt is a single?” Andujar. Andujar’s having a fantastic 2018 campaign and could just be a sleeper All-Star candidate. This piece looks at one sleeper candidate for all teams in the AL East, and Andujar was the pick for the Yankees. Hard to argue with the way he’s hitting.

FanGraphs | Craig Edwards: Even with the way Andujar’s hitting and how well the Yankees are playing, it’s no secret their starting pitching is being held together by a band-aid. Their position players lead the AL in WAR and their bullpen is the best in the majors. Their starters, while overall pitching okay, need some help. Domingo German is pitching well in place of Jordan Montgomery, who had Tommy John surgery earlier today, but the Yankees are not equipped to handle another injury internally. They probably need to make a trade.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: While the Yankees are doing well right now, a trade for another starter is probably top on Brian Cashman’s to-do list. They could try and kidnap Jacob deGrom and/or Noah Syndergaard this weekend when they play the Mets, but more likely they’d have to pull off an extremely unlikely trade for them. The Mets are apparently open to trading one or both of them, but obviously the cost for either will be steep. And it’d be especially steep for the Yankees. | Bryan Hoch: The reason why a trade between the Yankees and Mets is highly unlikely is because of their crosstown-rivalry. The 2018 version of that rivalry is set to kick off tonight with the first installment of the Subway Series. While the Subway Series had lost its luster for a bit, thanks to possible over-saturation and mediocrity, it still means a lot to the players, the fans, and the city itself. It doesn’t mean anything, but it also means everything. | Joe Posnanski: 714. Almost all baseball fans know what that number is. It’s Babe Ruth’s career home run total. What if I were to tell you that he actually hit 715? When Ruth was with the Red Sox, he hit a walk-off home run, only it was ruled a triple because there was a runner on first already and so the game “ended” when the runner on first touched home, thus stranding Ruth at third. MLB had put together a special records committee that actually voted to change that and give Ruth 715 officially, but after just a week and a re-vote, it was reverted back to 714. This is a fun read, if you’re into baseball history.