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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/6/18

Montgomery to get Tommy John surgery; ESPN agrees to move SNB game; Seigler to sign and cut his hair

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: If Yankees pitchers followed the advice of Pinstripe Alley, Jordan Montgomery wouldn’t be in this predicament. When he first left a start in early May, the Yankees hoped Montgomery avoided any structural damage, but clearly that’s not the case. Yesterday, news broke that Montgomery is going to have Tommy John surgery tomorrow. He shoulda got Tommy John surgery. #SGTJS

New York Daily News | Christian Red: ESPN fought the law and the law won. The law, in this scenario, is the Yankees of course. After they tried moving the Yankees game on July 8th against the Blue Jays from 1pm to 8pm, a day before they agreed to a doubleheader against the Orioles, the Yankees reached out to MLB and the MLBPA to get them to reverse that decision. The Yankees threatened to boycott ESPN, but fortunately ESPN caved and agreed to un-flex that game. The Angels and Dodgers will now getting that Sunday Night spot.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: First-round pick Anthony Seigler said he’s going to cut his hair because he doesn’t want it to become a thing like it did with Clint Frazier. Mind you, it became a thing for no reason at all and because the Yankees having that policy allows it to become a thing. Mainly, though, because the organization’s policy is dumb. In better Seigler news, he confirmed his intention to sign with the Yankees:

Looks like negotiations with Seigler should go smoothly. Back to the hair thing really quickly though:

Those of you who know me know that I hate the Yankees grooming policy. It’s very outdated and dumb. Hair does not dictate the character of a person and a person’s employer should have no say in an employees hair unless it has something to do with their job. It doesn’t make them more “professional.” They’re also baseball players. We live in a world where people who work in offices can have tattoos and facial hair, but dudes hitting a ball with a stick can’t.

At least Red Thunder had some fun with it.

Didi Victory Tweet

Didi finally got to see an oppo taco on Taco Tuesday! Hopefully he celebrated with some delicious chorizo tacos! I’m also enjoying “PaPa Slam” quite a bit.