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Watch Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius surprise shoppers in New York City

He gets a hand from another familiar face, too!

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Meet Mark, a 28-year-old style guide at a premiere suit shop in New York City. He also bears a striking resemblance to one Didi Gregorius, doesn’t he?

The Yankees shortstop posed as a menswear consultant with customers who thought they were filming a commercial. He took measurements and offered his sartorial expertise. “We’re actually gonna do a lot of pinstripes,” he told one gentleman getting fitted for a suit.

On some occasions, he revealed his identity to the customers outright. On others, he let his infield partner Gleyber Torres arrive and call him to duty. That led to this all-time great exchange.

Torres: Didi! Didi! We’re late! We gotta go to the field!

Gregorius: I’m with a customer. Give me a second.

Why am I not surprised that Sir Didi has excellent customer service skills?

I have a few takeaways from this. First, I love how quickly Gregorius and Torres became best friends. Their on-the-field dancing proved only the first glimpse of this. Second, I absolutely would let Sir Didi pick out a suit for me. He is one stylish guy!