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Another rainout: Yankees-Orioles game postponed

Why do the baseball gods hate the Yankees?

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The weather just isn’t cooperating with the Yankees this season. Following Thursday’s rainout and a lengthy rain delay yesterday, the Orioles announced that there will be no baseball played today. Instead, this game will be rescheduled as part of a doubleheader on August 25th.

At this rate, the Yankees might be playing weekly doubleheaders to make up for all of these rainouts. It is getting ridiculous. Two of their April games against Detroit were turned into a doubleheader that will be played tomorrow. The weather wasn’t much better in May. The team traveled to DC and made it through just half a game of the two-game set scheduled against the Nationals. They will make up both games in two weeks when they’re forced to go back to Washington in the middle of a nine-game homestand. Now they’ll also have to play doubleheaders against the Orioles on July 9th and August 25th to make up these postponed games.

While it is nice to have the day off ahead of tomorrow’s doubleheader, it just adds up to less rest days down the road. That includes an upcoming stretch where they play 17 games over 16 days. Then again, we can almost count on future games being rained out since that has been the theme of this season. The Yankees might still be making up rainouts in October.