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Yankees 2018 Draft Coverage: Who do you want the Yankees to pick?

With the draft upon us, is there anyone you think the Yankees should select?

MLB First Year Player Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The 2018 MLB Draft is just hours away now. The draft represents a chance for the Yankees to add talent into their minor league system, and we’ve seen recently how much that is needed.

For one, we’ve seen players like Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, and Gleyber Torres graduate into the majors and make a big impact on the team’s success. The Yankees have also used their influx in talent to make major trades. Not every player taken in the draft is going to make it to the majors, never mind have a long career. However, it’s very clearly important.

While the Yankees have a checkered history in recent years, they managed to pick Judge, and have seen him turn into a bonafide major league star. They’ve also plucked players like Blake Rutherford. While he hasn’t made it to the bigs and it’s too early to know how he’ll do if he does, they included him in a trade that netted David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle, and Todd Frazier. That trade proved to help out last year, and the Yankees are still counting on two of those players this year.

Turning our attention to this year, we’re not far away from learning where the Yankees will go with the 23rd overall pick.

The prospects in the MLB draft are generally less known than some of their other counterparts, and for good reason. All of the players selected will spend time in the minor leagues. In the majority of those cases, it will be a minimum of three years. Not to mention, a lot of them are drafted out of high school. College baseball isn’t widely as followed as it’s basketball and football counterparts.

With that in mind, here are some resources to read up on ahead of the Draft.

Possible Yankees’ first round picks’s Top 200 Draft Prospects

FanGraph’s Top 55 Draft Prospects

So is there anyone in particular you would like the Yankees to draft?

They’ve been linked to high school positions players like infielders Brice Turang and Xavier Edwards. Other mock drafts have them taking high school pitchers. Is this the direction the Yankees should go in, or should they be looking at college players?

Maybe you think they should really focus on good names for us to use in puns. For that, there’s players such as Clemson first baseman Seth Beer, or high school pitcher Gunnar Hoglund.

Or maybe you’ve been reading up about these prospects over the last couple months and there’s someone in particular that you have your eye on. If so, let us know! Who do you want the Yankees to select in the 2018 MLB Draft?