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Pinstripe Alley Review: Didi Gregorius Emoji Bobblehead

We got our hands on the Didi Gregorius Emoji Bobblehead by FOCO, and it’s terrific!


Long time readers of Pinstripe Alley should know that I am a huge fan of Yankee shortstop Sir Didi Gregorius, often referring to him as the “world’s best human being.” Science has proven that true. Besides his stellar defense, solid offense, and joyous smile, Didi’s Victory Tweets after each game just add such a level of enjoyment to his time in pinstripes. Sir Didi’s use of emojis for his fellow Yankees are inspired and not to be questioned.

Needless to say, when I saw this tweet, I was pretty excited.

Just a little.

The good people at FOCO were kind enough to send me one so that I could review it for our readers. I was given the go-ahead, so wiithout further ado, here is my review of the FOCO Didi Gregorius Emoji Bobblehead:


Oh, you want more details? Okay.

Hey. You. Call me sir!

If a Sir Didi Bobblehead did not look happy, it would obviously be a failure. As you can see, it displays his “euphorius” smile quite well. I love that he is sitting on the iconic Yankee Stadium facade, which comes with the proper interlocking NY flags on top. The base has Gregorius’ signature #StartSpreadingTheNews hashtag that precedes every Victory Tweet. Without everything else, this would still be a pretty solid bobblehead figure.

There is more, though! The emojis that Sir Didi uses for his fellow teammates stand out as the bobblehead’s real highlight. A plethora of Yankees are represented. If you have no idea which is which, FOCO made sure to place an Emoji Dictionary on the back of the Yankee Stadium facade.

The Judge one should be easy to figure out.

Just having the emojis on there would be enough. What I didn’t know until I took this beauty out of the box is that the emojis themselves bobble as well.

#StartSpreadingTheNews THE EMOJIS BOBBLE TOO

It’s a feature I didn’t even know I wanted, but I wholeheartedly love that it’s there. It adds a very nice level of depth to it. When everything is bobbling, it looks fantastic. The only three that do not bobble are the Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gary Sanchez emojis. The Kraken is holding a baseball with sunglasses though, which is pretty good representation of Gary’s accurate cannon of an arm.

There’s not much more to say about this bobblehead. It is very well crafted, especially compared to the giveaway bobblehead figures you’ll get at stadiums during the year. It is nice and heavy. Little details, like the green grass base and the flags on the facade, give it some nice color contrast. Did I mention that the emojis bobble? They bobble.

As noted earlier, Sir Didi’s Victory Tweets are one of the best highlights of any Yankee win. The YES Network makes sure to highlight them during their postgame show. FOCO has captured the spirit and joy of those tweets and gives them physical form with this bobblehead. Fantastic work.

For those interested, you can pre-order the Didi Gregorius Bobblehead by clicking on this link. They will ship in August. On behalf of Pinstripe Alley, I would like to thank FOCO for giving me the chance to review this for you. WHAT A GAME BOBBLEHEAD!!!