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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/16/18

Cashman says Gleyber Torres is off-limits during trade talks; Cashman has reached out to at least 20 teams; Old-Timers’ Day has some new faces joining the festivities; HOPE Week comes to a close

MLB: Washington Nationals at New York Yankees
This face is me whenever I watch him hit a dinger
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Newsday | Erik Boland: We are inching closer and closer to trade season and the thought of everyone’s mind is pitching pitching pitching, not necessarily in that order. Brian Cashman wants pitching, but he knows what other teams are going to ask for. Worry not, fellow Yankee fans. Gleyber Torres is not going anywhere, according to Cashman. “Come on now, I have to walk around this city!” he responded when asked about the idea of trading Torres. I can’t be too sure, but it probably has to do with the fact that Gleyber is good.

New York Daily News | Justin Tasch: PITCHING! That’s the name of the game, folks. As I said up above, Brian Cashman wants pitching. It turns out that he has been in touch with at least 20 teams regarding that very subject. The Yankees have the farm to pull off such a trade, even though it might physically and emotionally hurt us to lose a prospect or three. It’s going to be an interesting trade season. | Mandy Bell: Tomorrow is Old-Timers’ Day, a day that reminds us of all the Yankee legends of olden years, as well as our own impending mortality and decay. Tomorrow is also Father’s Day, a day that only might remind some of us of our own impending mortality and decay. Some newcomers to the event are Andy Pettitte, Nick Swisher, Jason Giambi, Dion James, and 2003 ALCS Game 7 Paladin of Voltron Aaron Boone. Click the link for the full list. | Mandy Bell: Finally, the end of HOPE Week, which is the best week. Yesterday, the Yankees’ visited a hairdresser by the name of Mark Bustos. Bustos, when not cutting the hair of celebrities, often takes time to give free haircuts to members of the homeless community. The Yankees helped Bustos and his new foundation, Be Awesome To Somebody, do just that at a YMCA in Harlem. Miguel Andujar, Gleyber Torres, Domingo German, Gary Sanchez, and Ronald Torreyes were in attendance to help out. Another touching story. It’s sad that HOPE Week is coming to an end.

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