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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/13/18

Aaron Judge & Gary Sanchez look to start in 2018 All Star Game; Gary Sanchez benched by Boone for a few days; Jonathan Loaisiga will be called up and start on Friday; how might the Yankees sign Bryce Harper; HOPE Week continues with a kickball game with Cassidy Warner

MLB: ALCS-Houston Astros at New York Yankees
Hooray for us!
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports | Bryan Hoch: Kunj and I take these link dumps with the utmost seriousness possible. Hence why I’m leading off with the most important story of the day. Of course, I’m talking about the 2018 All Star Game selection. Good news for Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez fans, because our beloved Bronx Bombers look to be leading the pack at their position. Okay, Judge is technically not leading the pack, but he’s close behind Mookie Betts and Mike Trout. Gleyber Torres is 2nd behind Jose Altuve and Miguel Andujar is 2nd behind Jose Ramirez. Giancarlo Stanton is also 2nd at the DH position behind J.D. Martinez. I better start seeing Luis Severino on that list soon. | Bryan Hoch: Speaking of the Kraken, he is getting a few days off to clear his head and hopefully get him out of this slump. In addition to last night, Austin Romine will also be starting in tonight’s game with Sonny Gray pitching. Yankee manager and 2013 ALCS Game 7 dragonslayer Aaron Boone stated that Sanchez will not even DH tonight. Sanchez respects Boone’s decision and will work with hitting coach Marcus Thames to tweak some issues. Get better, Gary. Just pretend it’s August!

Newsday | Erik Boland: In yesterday’s link dump, our hero told the tale of how Jonathan Loaisiga could be the pitcher called up to replace Masahiro Tanaka for a while. The tale was indeed true, as Loaisiga will make his debut on Friday. He will be skipping Triple-A entirely, coming straight outta Trenton. The “play the kids” strategy has worked out well thus far. Keep it going, I say.

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: Since the Yankees are playing the Nationals, it’s time for the usual fantasy of Bryce Harper in pinstripes. I, for one, have never ever ever dreamed of a Yankees outfield consisting of Judge, Stanton, and Harper. Nope. Never. Anyway, here is the latest one. | Mandy Bell: It’s still the best week, HOPE Week. Yesterday’s heartwarming tale involves a game of kickball at Heritage Field with Cassidy Warner and a group of 6th graders from the ‘No Bully” organization. In case you don’t remember, Cassidy Warner made an online video against bullying that went viral. The Yankees responded to her video with one of their own. Before yesterday’s baseball game, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Dellin Betances, A.J. Cole, Adam Warren, and Neil Walker would play with the young kids. After the kickball game, Cassidy got to throw out the first pitch. Another truly heartwarming story that you should read. HOPE Week is the best week.

A quick side note, but I kinda really want to see how far Judge can kick a red kickball. The sound alone would be worth it.

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