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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 6/12/18

A look at what might be behind Gary Sanchez’s slump; Jonathan Loaisiga seems like the best bet to replace Tanaka; Staten Island Yankees to become Pizza Rats on Saturday home games; HOPE Week begins with a trip to the Muddy Puddles Project

MLB: Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports | Mike Petriello: I think we all know that Gary Sanchez is mired deep in a slump. He’s like Artax in the swamp of sadness, just not as sad as traumatizing as that was. Geez. Poor Artax. Where was I? Petriello takes a look at certain factors that could be behind this. Strangely enough, he doesn’t blame MEARNS!!! That’s what I would do. Anyway, give this a read.

New York Post | Dan Martin: As mentioned yesterday, and I think Sunday, the Yankees have a general idea who will replace Masahiro Tanaka in the rotation. That someone is Jonathan Loaisiga, whose last name is definitely going to take a bit to properly spell the first time. Of course, with Jordan Montgomery set to miss the rest of the seasons, the Yankees will most likely have to acquire a pitcher when the trade deadline rolls around. Well, unless Domingo German or Loaisiga truly dominate. They should probably acquire a starter anyway though. Kids can’t solve all their problems.

Cut4 | Matt Monagan: Remember in 2016 when the Staten Island Yankees had discussions on what new name to give their team? Well, one of the choices were the Pizza Rats, after the famed viral Pizza Rat incident. That never officially came to fruition, until now.

This will only be a Saturday night home game thing, as stated in the tweet. Admittedly, the hat on the right looks pretty awesome. | Mandy Bell: Finally, I’m happy. It’s the best week to do link dumps for Pinstripe Alley. Of course, I’m talking about HOPE Week. For the beginning of HOPE Week, the Yankees donated $10,000 to the Muddy Puddles Project. This was started by Cindy and Louis Campbell, who lost their son Ty to brain cancer in 2012. They started the Muddy Puddles Project as a way to celebrate his life and raise awareness for pediatric cancer research. Aaron Boone, Josh Bard, Brett Gardner, Sir Didi Gregorius, and Sonny Gray took the trip up to Mess Day and had some fun with the kids at the event. My paragraph does not do this story justice. Please read it. HOPE Week is the best week!