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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 112: Juicy Meat

The PahSahp is back with discussions on meat, Luis Severino, who’s slumping, and who’s on fire. Plus, Yankee & Mitre of the Week.

Leveling up as if the Astros just exploded Krillin

The Pinstripe Alley Podcast returns after a week off. Kunj Shah returns from his vacation and gives us all the details on the meat he ate. All of the meat. After the meat talk, we finally get into to all the good things and bad that have been going on with the New York Yankees. Case in point, Luis Severino has transcended his limitation and transformed into the legendary Super Saiyan. Has Austin Romine done the same? That might be a stretch. And by stretch, I mean that Shah just gave me the dirtiest look for even suggesting it.

Also, we discuss who is currently slumping, like Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez. Slumping does not describe other players, like my boy Brett Gardner, who is gritty, gutty, and on fire. Plus, as always, the Yankee and Mitre of the Week. Some choices were more difficult than others.

It’s good to be back.

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