My favorite Yankee/Red Sox Moment/ Weakest Link


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My favorite Yankee/Red Sox moment is when they came back 9-0 in 2012 in Fenway. When they were down 9-0, I assumed they eventually would lose this game (most likely everyone else did). I shut my TV off in frustration and went on to do something else. I then checked during the 7th inning and I saw the score as 9-8 and I was like "holy crap no way!". I put it back on my TV and I watched them score 7 more runs in the 8th. I will never forget that moment.

And for the weakest link on the Yankees, I think it’s a tie between Gray and Tanaka. They both have been so struggling this year (Gray nibbling too much, Tanaka giving up too many home runs). The Yankee did say they try to avoid using fastballs and it seems like it’s affecting Gray too much. To adjust Gray, I think the Yankees should allow him to use his fastball more because he seems effective when he uses it more. For Tanaka, he does have a low walk rate so I think he should try to pitch a little more outside the zone so he can avoid giving up bombs (I’m honestly not sure for Tanaka).

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