Favorite Yankees/RedSox Rivarly Moment?

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Favorite Yankees-RedSox rivalry moment?

The real question we should ask ourselves with this specific rivalry would be "Where do we start?" Countless amounts of memories, good and bad, get stirred up from the New York Yankees vs. Boston RedSox when we think back into history. The year is 1920; Babe Ruth gets sold to the Yankees, putting a hex on Boston for many years to come. Dave Righetti’s no hitter in the Bronx. The 1999 ALCS 4-1 series victory and eventual World Series Champions. Years later, the 2003 ALCS provided what can be called a rollercoaster of emotions. We watched in disbelief and anger as our beloved Don Zimmer got thrown vigorously to the ground by archrival and nemesis Pedro Martinez during a bench-clearing brawl. However, we know the storybook ending to this enchanted series. Aaron Boone, 11th inning, walk off homer, next stop World Series and the rest is history. Noted prior were a few memorable moments in this rivalry that go down in the record books of excitement. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the last few years prior to this one, I felt as if the rivalry had come and gone. It was as if the competiveness and testosterone fueled rivalry was in limbo or a plateau of some sort. But lets time warp to this present day ball-crushing, home run hitting "Baby Bombers" squad. My favorite moment in the history of rivalry is what’s next to come. We can all thank Mr. Tyler Austin for reincarnating this beautiful rivalry and having it dug up from the ground. On April 11th, 2018, we saw Austin charge the mound after getting pelted with a near 100mph fastball to the side. The broken bat on home plate added a spice to what was next to come. As Austin ran toward Joe Kelly, Yankees fans almost got a sense of Rocky Balboa-Apollo Creed vibe in the air, because Austin just started swinging for the fences. At that moment in time, Yankees fans could put their hands to the sky, and let out a "THE RIVALRY IS BACK" scream. I personally feel that the rivalry was reborn in that game. Tensions were so high, the competitiveness was present, and the eagerness to watch the next Yankees-RedSox series was felt once again. This is why, that Tyler Austin mound charge would be my present day favorite in this rivalry we have. No one ever wants to see something so good, disappear into thin air. For a while, I felt as if it was gone, and now is completely back. Although many may question as to why the Austin mound charge is my favorite, its not due to the act or because it was a "brawl". The magic of this rivalry is that we as fans never know what’s coming next. Whether it is a nasty bench-clearing brawl, a walk off homerun, or just a simple good ol’ fashioned competitive game with not a dry seat in the stadium. This folks, is the beauty of The New York Yankees vs. The Boston RedSox rivalry. So sit back and enjoy what’s next to come for the storybooks.

-Rob Riggi Jr.

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