Underlying yankee problem

There not many glaring issues with this ballclun currently as it stands that being said it never hurts too add a dynamic player or two to solidify things first base another starter possibly of course we’ve heard the manny machado rumors for a while now but first base does concern me because we don’t know what Greg bird is yet when healthy and of course it’s been frustrating to watch him hurt all the time. Again he hasn’t had an opportunity to play a full season yet to see what the Yankees do have in him.and of course what do u do with jacoby ellsbury and the contract from heck.all and all it’s problems that must be sorted out moving foward. I believe give bird the rest of year and play it out as far as ellsbury is concerned show case when healthy they will be teams looking for desperate veteran help eventually to put them in position to win.hes a gamer there will be some team interested.

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