fantasy league opening

Need 1 serious owner – Unique, small 6 owner, free, daily ESPN Head to Head Each Category, 2nd season. I'll put it out there right away; this league is small, and it can be time consuming, but only if you make it. If that is not for you, stop reading. If you're not willing to put in the effort and set your lineups daily, and be active then stop reading now. Inactivity will get you booted from this league without warning. The league has a twist to it: Instead of owning individual players, you own a division’s worth of MLB teams. You set the daily line ups with the players of your choice from those teams. With me so far? There is no trading of teams. There is unlimited transactions per match up, so add/drop as much as you like. Inactivity can get an owner booted without warning. 4 of 6 teams will make the playoffs. The division you would be taking over is currently in 5th place of 6...but that doesn’t mean much. It is a LONG season, and VERY early.

Have a look at our league below, and email me directly at: with any questions.

Link to league:

Open team, AL West:

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