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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/6/18

The rise of Sir Didi Gregorius; Neil Walker looking much better at the plate; Austin Romine doing everything asked of him; the impact of the 2016 trades on 2018; Andrew Miller could return to the Bronx in 2019

MLB: Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: We probably talk about Sir Didi Gregorius a lot on this site. No reason to stop now, because Sir Didi is the best human being. He was recently awarded the AL Player of the Month for April. Remember his first April in pinstripes? It was not pretty. That seems so far away now, as our beloved knight has consistently improved since then. I could tell you why, but I think you should click the link and read Mr. Davidoff’s piece. It is very good. | Bryan Hoch: While Sir Didi had a fantastic April, Neil Walker had the opposite experience. A new month leads to new possibilities though. Thankfully, it looks like Neil Walker is starting to show signs of life. His at bats have looked a lot better as of late, even the 3-run dinger he had rudely robbed from him by Kole Calhoun. Aaron Boone believes that he is starting to find his swing & get his timing down. Keep it up, Walker.

Newsday | Roger Rubin: It looks like Austin Romine is going to get more playing time. At least, when Sonny Gray pitches. After stating that he does not believe in personal catchers, Boone has pretty much assigned Romine to catch for Gray. The good news is that Romine has been coming through in the clutch lately. Yesterday was no exception, as a key walk against Trevor Bauer helped the Yankees win yesterday.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: This article is about the impact that the 2016 trades have had on the 2018 Yankees. I was going to go into it a bit, but really, I just want to quote one particular sentence.

Cashman notes the thickening of the farm system had below-the-surface benefits on the 2017 squad.

Hawt. Anyway, you should read this. It is good.

Newsday | Steven Marcus: Speaking of the 2016 trades, Andrew Miller. Miller is currently on the visiting Cleveland baseball team, although he is sadly on the DL. It’s sad only because I’m a Miller fan. This is Miller’s last season with Cleveland before hitting free agency. While there are numerous teams out there that will most likely pay him to be their closer, there’s always a chance he could come back to the Yankees. Please come back to the Yankees, Miller. We miss you.

Didi Victory Tweet

Also, in honor of the Kentucky Derby yesterday...

The. best. human. being.