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New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians: Sonny Gray vs. Trevor Bauer

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The Bombers go for 14 wins out of their last 15 games.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Just last night, the Yankees walked off in dramatic fashion in what was a fun and wacky win to overcome yet another bullpen collapse. A win is a win, though. The Yankees have won 13 of their last 14, their best stretch of games since 2012. On this day game after a night game, each slightly diminished squad will try to nab the middle game of the series.

For the Indians, Trevor Bauer will take the mound. He had a fantastic start in his last time out, 11 strikeouts and two earned runs over 6.2 innings against the Rangers. Bauer has been more visible in the baseball community after making the controversial allegation that the Astros are boosting their spin rate through banned, sticky substances, so expect that to be a point of conversation.

Sonny Gray has gotten into his own sticky situations so far this year. He allowed just two runs in his last, albeit short, start against the Astros, but you could see his stuff starting to come together. He’ll have his quasi-personal catcher in Austin Romine, so he’ll be comfortable at the very least.

As I said, these teams will give some players off-days with the day game after the night game. Cleveland has had it particularly rough with a doubleheader on Thursday, one game of which went 11 innings, followed by a travel day, night game, and day game. Even so, only Yan Gomes will get the day with Roberto Perez in his place. The Yankees give the day off to Didi Gregorius after his collision with Francisco Lindor last night, and Aaron Judge will get the half-day off at designated hitter.

The game starts at 1:05 ET and you can catch it on YES, SportsTime Ohio, or MLB Network (out of market only).