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New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles: Series Preview

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Can the Yankees knock off the Orioles on the road?

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Following series against the reigning world champions, the Yankees now get to face a team that is decidedly noncompetitive. The Orioles are in last place as the Yankees prepare to swing through Baltimore. New York should be favorites on paper for this series, so lets see how the matchups shake out.

Game One: Sonny Gray vs. Andrew Cashner

Everyone knows the ballad of Sonny Gray’s 2018 season at this point. Of his last four starts, one has been genuinely great and another has been pretty good. The other two have been awful, and he lasted a combined 8.2 innings in them. Hopefully, the good Gray will show up against a Orioles’ offense that is not overwhelming outside Manny Machado.

Cashner has not had a great season in Baltimore so far, and is coming off allowing 11 hits in five innings last time out. That being said, he did manage to hold the Yankees to just one run in six innings on April 5th, in what was one of few bright spots of his season.

Game Two: Masahiro Tanaka vs. Kevin Gausman

Tanaka allowed just one run in his last start. Although that came on a home run, which continues to be his most glaring issue. Baltimore is a middle of the pack teams in terms of home run hitting, so they, especially Machado, certainly have the potential to cause that issue to flare up.

Of the Orioles’ pitchers that have made more than five starts, Gausman has been Baltimore’s best or second best this season. That’s not saying much, however. He comes in with a 97 ERA+, and has allowed 13 runs in his last three starts, which isn’t great considering one was a shutout.

Game Three: Domingo German vs. Alex Cobb

German still hasn’t been able to reproduce anything close to the excellence of his first rotation appearance, although he has occasionally shown flashes of being good. He’s pitched just 5.1 career innings against the Orioles and gave up three runs in the process.

The Orioles acquisition of Cobb has not worked out like they would have hoped thus far. He put up a 4.67 ERA in six starts in May, and that was actually a pretty sizeable improvement from his April. This will be the Yankees first look at Cobb in an Orioles’ jersey this season.

Game Four CC Sabathia vs. Dylan Bundy

After starting out the season in great form, Sabathia has regressed in recent appearances. Crucially, he hasn’t really been able to go deep in games, which has really hurt him more than the runs he’s given up. Sabathia has traditionally been decent against Baltimore, so we’ll see if that continues.

Bundy is the other person in the running for Baltimore’s best starter this season, but he too sports an ERA+ under 100. A recent outing helped those numbers quite a bit, as he allowed just three runs in a complete game win against the White Sox on May 24th. He struck out 14 in that game, so he’ll be coming in on a high note.