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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/24/18

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A Hall of Famer weighs in on Gleyber Torres’ defense; Gleyber Torres & Yankees have a historic night of dingers; David Cone defends Gary Sanchez’s defense; Giancarlo Stanton is fitting in quite nicely

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers
Gleyber even better than Good
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

La Vida Baseball | Roberto Salvador Klapisch: So hey, let’s just forget about the fact that the Yankees scored 10 runs last night and lost. Cool? Cool! Instead, let’s focus things like Gleyber Torres and his decision to just start hitting all the dingers. More than that though, Gleyber’s defense has been absolutely stellar thus far. Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar has taken notice of his defense and stated how he thinks Torres could be one of the best. Alomar, one of the best defensive second baseman ever, notes how the two of them both started as shortstops and then moved to second. Give this one a read. | Bryan Hoch: Did I mention the dingers? The dingers are pretty awesome. Gleyber Torres hit another history dinger last night, making him the youngest player in AL history to hit a home run in three straight games. As a team, the Bronx Bombers have hit 3+ dingers in five straight games. Last night, Aaron Judge hit a 471ft bomb and Sir Didi Gregorius finally connected for one again. Dingers dingers dingers!

But also, the dingers... | Pete Caldera: Speaking of defense, Gary Sanchez is still on notice for that whole passed balls thing. Former Yankee legend and current YES broadcaster David Cone remarked that people are making a big deal over nothing. By remarked, I mean he went on an I’mGivingYouARaise style rant that was quite wonderful. Like Coney states, no one is denying that he needs to work on that. However, he’s among the best at throwing runners out and his framing is excellent. James Smyth offers some clarification as well.

New York Post | Kevin Kernan: We should also talk about Giancarlo Stanton and his performance in pinstripes. It’s going well, especially over the last 12 games. Boone has noticed his patience is growing. Probably that whole, getting acclimated to a new team & environment thing. Stanton has come to love the Yankee fanbase, both the cheers and boos. Obviously he’d rather not hear boos, but he probably appreciates that the fans care a lot about the team doing well. I understand that.