Do the Yankees Have Any Truly "Untouchable" Pieces?

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Greetings, AlleyCats!

You've come here to find out whether or not the Yankees have untouchable prospects in the system, and I am here to provide that answer. When discussing whether or not a prospect is "untouchable", for the sake of this discussion, we are going to assume that the Yankees are trading for a useful rotation piece for the postseason, as that appears to be the only potential need at this point. For this article, we're going to dive into the prospects which come up most often in these speculative (and usually asinine) trade discussions.

1. Gleyber Torres: Let's start with a simplified "definition" of "untouchable". By the traditional definition, I would say Gleyber Torres is not untouchable, because if LAA is willing to part with Mike Trout, Andrelton Simmons, and Shohei Ohtani, in exchange for Gleyber Torres, I'm taking that deal and running. That said, we are dealing in reality, and that is entirely unrealistic. In reality, the Yankees are only in the market for pitching, and there is not a pitcher on the market that I would trade Gleyber Torres for. When you are talking about a 21 year old kid who has proven that he can hit MLB pitching and defend at a really high level, you keep that guy. STATUS: UNTOUCHABLE

2. Miggy Andujar: Miguel Andujar is another very young player who has proven that he can hit MLB pitching, to all fields, with power. That said, he is still a butcher at the Hot Corner. Last year, and even at the start of this season, the Yankees management team couldn't trust him to play even a serviceable 3rd base, because his footwork was WAY behind where it needed to be in order to send him out there for a MLB game. And now, since he has only been "below average", we are to believe that he has made these huge strides towards becoming a high-level defender. Let's not trick ourselves into thinking Andujar will ever be anything more than an average defender. That said, he checks (almost) all the boxes at the dish (plate discipline could use some work, unsurprisingly for a player of his age/experience). Makes a lot of contact, drives the ball to all fields, and gets really, really good plate coverage. Taking all of these factors into consideration, I better be getting a DAMN good pitcher if I am dealing Andujar. In my belief, there is a damn good pitcher available in our own division, with tons of inexpensive team control (check out my article here). I think more pitchers may shake loose on the market in the coming months, and Miggy may be on the table, depending on the quality of pitcher/level of team control. STATUS: TOUCHABLE (Weird phrasing, but we're sticking with it. Strap in, folks.)

3. Justus Sheffield: This kid has all the tools of a real difference-maker at the Big League level. He is exciting to watch, and has 3 pitches that can be "plus" if he continues to progress. Since we have not seen him at the big-league level yet, it is impossible to know how he will handle a MLB mound, with MLB batters staring him down. With that being said, I need this guy pitching for my team for the next decade. He has too much upside and his ceiling is too high to part with him at this point in his career. STATUS: UNTOUCHABLE.

4. Estevan Florial: Florial is a LONG way away from the MLB. He is struggling to make consistent contact at High-A Tampa. His K% this season is over 30%. Yikes. He is only 20 years old, and has shown flashes of brilliance. He's about to go under the knife, so he just lost a lot of his trade value, by the fact that he is currently injured. When I think about recent Yankees who have struggled to make contact throughout the Minor Leagues, I think back to when I was concerned that a young Aaron Judge would never make enough contact to have success at the MLB level. The NYY development team is excellent, and I have a high level of confidence that Florial will be coached into a better player, his bat-to-ball skills will increase dramatically, and his development is going to be fascinating over the next 3 years. Before he got hurt, my belief is that he would have brought in a HUGE return. Now, since he suffered an injury, I believe that return will be significantly diminished, but if other GMs see this hamate bone removal (an injury that Stanton had in 2015) as nothing more than a blip on the radar, and are still willing to part with a true top-of-the-rotation pitcher, then.... STATUS: TOUCHABLE.

There are a TON of other Young Yankees that are incredibly valuable on the trade market (Clint Frazier chief among them), all of which I think are touchable, for the right price. It's important to understand that these players are only touchable at the right price. For example, Clint Frazier should not be traded for a Cole Hamels rental. This trade deadline should be quite entertaining for us Yankee Fans, and I expect some painful, yet helpful moves for the 2018 Yankees' push for 28.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing your opinion on the matter at hand. 28.

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