The Yankees Shouldn't Bother Rehabbing Jacoby Ellsbury

Right now, the Yankees have five outfielders on their roster (including Clint Frazier). Bring back Jacoby Ellsbury, and the Yankees will have six outfielders. Of course, Clint Frazier will most likely be sent back down to AAA by the time Ellsbury would be cleared to return. However, the Yankees will still have too many players for too little positions. Because Judge and Stanton are elite players and Gardner and Hicks are good options, the Yankees should just shut Ellsbury down for the rest of the season and wait until next year to bring him back, when Gardner will be a free agent.

Because Ellsbury is an established veteran player, he can't be a minor-leaguer anymore. If Ellsbury were to come back, he would take up a roster spot that should be reserved for a player who will get regular playing time. Under the current system, the Yankees use four outfielders in their lineup. Should the Yankees want to rest one of them, they would either be the DH or Stanton moves to LF. Even if several of the outfielders would get hurt now, the Yankees can simply use Clint Frazier. Ellsbury holds too little value to be a full-fledged member on a roster that would contain 5 outfielders.

Gardner will be a free agent at the end of the season. If the Yankees don't bring him back, Ellsbury will most likely play in his stead. Hicks will be a free agent at the end of next season, where Ellsbury will have one more year on his contract and Judge and Stanton (most likely) will still be around.

Bringing back Ellsbury will cause more problems than give the Yankees a solution. The Yankees already have a ton of outfielders this season and bringing back Ellsbury would cost the Yankees a roster spot that can be given to a regular player. Ellsbury still has two years on his contract, so he can still provide value, but not this year. Since he already has so many injuries and is currently on the 60-day DL, shutting him down would be a better option than trying to bring him back.

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