The missing link

The Yankees have in a word been great this season. However the rotation is beginning to become a bit of a problem for the Yanks. Sonny Gray, the biggest disappointment rotation wise is struggling, Montgomery is out on the DL with an elbow problem and Domingo German appears inconsistent. Brian Cashman will have to pull another one of his clever trades which he is famous for and help propel this team to a 28th championship

Sonny Gray’s problems seem beyond fixing this season. The Yankees have tried a personal catcher, with Romine becoming the catcher for Gray, and he still struggled (against the Athletics no less). German pitched 6 no hit innings against the Indians and then surrendered 6 runs in 5 innings to the Athletics. While he has the stuff to be a successful pitcher which is illustrated through his motion, he does not even attempt to hide his pitches behind his glove he simply just allows his left arm to float by his leg. For now he is not the long term solution to the Yankees rotation problem. The guy the Yankees should be trying to bag at the deadline is Mariners lefty James Paxton. He is having a fantastic year with a 3.50 ERA, a no hitter and a 16 strikeout game already under his belt. He would provide innings and quality arm to a struggling rotation excluding CC and Sevy. Paxton is under team control for the remainder of 2018 and 2 years beyond that while earning a salary of $4.9 million which is very affordable for a pitcher of his stature and then goes into arbitration after this year. Paxton will likely hit the market this July after the Mariners inevitably fall out of it. As Robbie Cano just landed himself on the DL with a broken hand and then has been suspended 80 games for PED’s. Cano will not be back until mid August and the Mariners will unquestionably struggle to score runs without Cano in the lineup everyday.

The Yankees may have to give up an arm and a leg for Paxton but the cost is worth it. Since Paxton is the piece the Yanks need to get them over the hump to nearly being unbeatable. The package the Yanks should offer for Paxton should consist of Clint Frazier as there is not really much room for him at the moment with Boone continuing to put Stanton out in LF even though he is not much of a fielder. In addition the Yankees can give the Mariners Chance Adams, Tyler Austin and perhaps another asset too. With Frazier and Adams headlining the deal it should be very enticing to the Mariners and would benefit both teams. As the Mariners need to hit the reboot button as they seemingly go nowhere every year and will not be able to compete in the ever growing competitiveness of the AL West as the Astros are a super team and the Angels have only gotten better in the past couple of years. This deal of Paxton to the Yanks for Adams, Frazier and Austin will benefit both sides. Cashman needs to get this deal done by July 31st as the Yankees can really only get better from here with Kahnle, Warren, and Bird nearing a return and Montgomery will eventually return from his DL stint. So the rotation could consist of Sevy, Tanaka, CC, Paxton, and Montgomery while pushing Gray into the bullpen for the remainder of this year and the playoffs a tactic of which the Yanks relied on in the 2009 run with Phil Hughes.The Yankees need James Paxton.

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