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Introducing the Yankees Empire shirt by BreakingT

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Commemorate the Yankees’ elite batting squad with this new shirt from BreakingT!

Heading into the season, we all knew the Yankees had a powerful lineup. Did anyone expect them to be so good this fast, though? We’re nearly two months into the season and the club is on pace to make home run history. If you like power hitting, this is a fun team to watch.

The most impressive part of this hot start, however, is the fact that the Yankees have four players with double-digit home runs. Aaron Judge leads the way with 11, while Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, and Didi Gregorius all have 10. To celebrate this power display, our friends at BreakingT put together a shirt for the occasion.

BreakingT shirts are soft, have the MLBPA seal of approval, and are made in the USA. You can grab yours by clicking here. Order one today and let everyone know that the Yankees’ empire is risen!