Favorite Yankee Red Sox Moment

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Before there was Aaron Boone, Bucky Bleeping Dent as Don Zimmer, then manager of the Red Sox, called him.

The stage was set for a one game showdown; the Yankees were coming back from being out 14 games in the month of July. The team’s rival, The Red Sox, were tied with The Yankees at the top of the American League East on the last day of the regular season. There was one final game left to decide the winner of the American League East.

Anxiously, just two months’ shy of my 8thbirthday, I sat in my house in Queens, NY watching the game with my Dad and cousin. I vividly remember Bucky Dent stepping up to the plate in the top of the 7thinning with two men on to face Mike Torrez.

This was the same Mike Torrez who won two games for the Yanks in the World Series the year before. He later went on to sign with the Sox in the offseason.

As Bucky reached the batter’s box my cousin looked at the TV and said, "Bucky Dent sucks."

First pitch was ball one.

Next pitch he fouls off his foot.

As he walked back to the batter’s box after shaking off the foul ball, Mickey Rivers yelled to him. "Hey you’ve got the wrong bat." Bucky did not notice his bat was cracked.

Bucky had not heard him and so the bat boy walked over to him and switched his bat.

Mike Torrez then delivers the next pitch, aiming for the inside part of the plate and misses. Instead, the ball came in over the middle of the plate.

Dent swings and crushes it launching the baseball towards the Green Monster. Yastrzemski drifts over to his right thinking he has a beat on it but at the last second realizes he has no shot.

The call from Bill White, the Yankee’s announcer on WPIX, gave me goose pimples, "Deep to left! Yastrzemski will not get it! It’s a home run! A three-run home run by Bucky Dent! And the Yankees now lead by a score of 3-2!"

I started jumping up and down like a maniac celebrating. I was so happy and started rubbing it in my cousin’s face.

Til’ this day, whenever I hear that call from Bill White chills vibrate up and down my spine.

Most people will agree that this was not a walk off or even a World Series game; that this was to keep the hated Red Sox from reaching the playoffs and knocking the Yankees out of contention. The team we all love to hate and with whom we share the greatest rivalry in sports, we defeated.

I can guarantee nobody in Fenway Park saw this coming and were stunned when it did happen. My cousin did not believe it either and regrets uttering the phrase "Bucky Dent sucks."

What could be better than watching your favorite baseball team with your Dad when you are a kid and have a moment like that happen?

That blast cemented Bucky Dent’s legacy and continued The Curse of the Bambino.

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