The Trade to Improve the Rotation

The Yankees rotation has been quite solid even with the Jordan Montgomery injury. Luis Severino has been pitching like we expected him to. Masahiro Tanaka has been ok. CC Sabathia has surprised me with his pitching with a 2.23 ERA. Domingo German has looked quite promising despite giving up 5 earned runs against the A’s last Saturday.

However, Sonny Gray hasn’t been so great. He currently has a 6.00 ERA and hasn’t really had a decent game this season. He is walking too many batters and his pitch count gets way too high way early in games. He has been a complete liability. Not exactly the pitcher the Yankees traded for back during the 2017 trade deadline.

Gray’s struggles are troubling for the Yankees and I’m not all that high on German. The Yankees obviously need to trade for another pitcher. If I was Cashman, I would attempt to trade for Madison Bumgarner (if the Giants have a small shot at the playoffs). I would offer the Giants Clint Frazier, Chance Adams, and maybe a few other assets. I would want the Yankees to go after Chris Archer or Blake Snell but Archer hasn’t been playing well and the Rays have a few years of control of Snell and his contract is very cheap. If they want to go for a little bit more realistic option, they could go for Francisco Liriano or Cole Hamels. Patrick Corbin would have to wait for the offseason for the Yankees to acquire (a contending D-backs team wouldn’t trade one of their best pitchers).

I’m really hoping the Yankees can get Bumgarner though.

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