Why the Yankees might not go all the way.

Hi, my name is Michael, and I would like to be considered for the writing job.

The 2018 Baby Bombers are having a streak like no other and look as though they are unstoppable. While the team is a powerhouse offensively, their well-documented pitching struggles continue with no obvious answer in sight. When the Yankees made a surprise run last year in the playoffs, it was ignited by mostly stellar pitching both from staters and especially the bullpen.

That kind of stellar pitching has not shown itself quite yet this year. Aside from Luis Severino who has been dominant, pitching to a 2.21 ERA, the rest of the starting pitching has left much to be desired. Sonny grey was awful to start the season, and Masahiro Tanaka has not shown any consistency at all. CC Sabathia has been great but its hard to know how long his knee will hold up and he has not been able to go deep in games at all. Even the Yankees ace Luis Severino has had trouble pitching in big spots. Think back to the wild card game in 2017, he was awful and couldn't get more than one out. Its hard to call him an ace until he proves that he can perform in a big spot. Jordan Montgomery pitched well but is out for the next 6-8 weeks and who knows what he will look like then.

The Yankees bullpen struggles have also carried into 2018 especially Dellin Betances who has shown flashes of his old self but still has proven unreliable in big spots. Just yesterday he gave up a tiebreaking HR to J.D Martinez which ultimately cost the Yankees the sweep. Adam Warren and Tommy Kahnle are both injured which has forced Aaron Boone to rely on the likes of Jonathan Holder and Chasen Shreve in tight spots. It still is early in the season, and the bullpen has mostly help up, but will it continue?

Ultimately the Yankees will need to make a move for a starting pitcher before they can be considered front-runners for a championship. Look at the 2017 Houston Astros, they were a great team last year but made a move for Justin Verlander to boost their starting rotation. There is no way they win that World Series without the dominant postseason pitching of Verlander.

I thought the Yankees should have made a more significant push for Gerrit Cole in the offseason and I think not getting him will come back to bite them. Cole is pitching to a 1.43 ERA and could have been the difference maker to this Yankee team. Now it will be up to Brian Cashman to find a difference maker from a limited supply of pitchers on the trading block.

While its a longshot, if the Mets consider trading for either of their top 2 pitchers, I think the Yankees should bite. The Yankees have a number of top prospects that they can deal for a starting pitcher. Clint Frazier is one that I would consider trading espcially considering the overabundance of outfielders on the Yankee roster. Chris Archer is another oft-mentioned possibility coming from the tanking Rays team, who really have no use for him and badly need young prospects which the Yankees can offer.

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