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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 110: Non Si Puo Problemarlo

Greg and Kunj discuss the good and the, uh, bad? I mean, there really wasn’t a lot of bad to discuss. Plenty of good though. That’s what happens when the Yankees don’t lose in between podcast recordings.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
Don’t need this anymore
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As of the record of this PahSahp, the Yankees had not lost a single game. Loyal PahSahpees will know that we always like to lead off with the bad. Loyal Yankee fans will know that there was really nothing bad to talk about this week. The Yankees have been playing incredible, inconceivable baseball right now. They had a nine-game winning streak, lost a game to the World Series defending Houston Astros, then went on an eight-game winning streak before that came to an end last night. The worst thing we talk about are the Mets, because oh boy did the Mets pull a peak Metsing.

So what did we even talk about? Well, Neil Walker’s bat is coming alive. Domingo German pitched a gem. Greg Bird is starting his rehab and he should be back up soon. CC Sabathia says that he will probably retire if the Yankees win it all this year. Gleyber Torres looks very comfortable on defense and offense. All that, plus the Yankee and Mitre of the week, even though it wasn’t easy selecting a Mitre. It’s hard to choose a Mitre when the team does not lose.

These Yankees are good and fun.

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