Open writing position

I would like to be considered for the writing position. I am a New Yorker living in Austin, Texas. I live and breathe Yankees baseball. Thanks for the opportunity.

It almost sounds ludacris to make this claim during this brilliant stretch of Yankees baseball. The Yankees have won 17 out of their last 18 games and the starting rotation has an ERA of an eye popping 1.95 save for Tanaka’s 4 runs last night. That sparkling ERA would make Ed Walsh smile. Don’t be confused though, the weakest link on this team is still what Brain Cashman shopped for all off season and said he would be shopping for again during the regular season, starting pitching. Remember, Cashman flirted with adding Gerrit Cole and Shohei Ohtani to the rotation for a reason. Things happen in a long season that proves to be fool’s gold, where a weakness can look like a strength. Now, we have a bona fide ace in Severino. Sevy is a top 5 pitcher in all of baseball. Tanaka has been let’s say serviceable lately but as a #2 pitcher that has to battle the likes of a Dallas Keuchel, Gerrit Cole, or Charlie Morton are you comfortable in that matchup? What about Tanaka facing former Cy Young champion Kluber? Or even 17 game winner Drew Pomeranz? Minus 2 home runs from Stanton Tuesday night, the Yankees couldn’t touch Pomeranz and he had an ugly blister on his finger. Tanaka out-dueled Porcello last night but are you comfortable with that matchup come the playoffs?

If the offense hits like it is supposed to, 1 through 9 could give Chris Sale and Justin Verlander fits but that is a big if. Only the woeful Orioles and Rangers strike out more than the Yankees in the AL this year. Last year, the Yankees struck out the 6th most of any other team in the AL. The greatest strengths of a Sale, Verlander, Cole? The strike out. So saying the Yankees offense can hit their way to #28 is wishful thinking. When the weather gets cold (hello Stanton) the arms are what wins championships. Last year in the playoffs, the Yankees rotation pitched better than anybody could have hoped for. CC was magically. Sevy was Sevy minus the opener. Tanaka was brilliant yet Cashman said a need was starting pitching time and time again. Again, CC has been excellent so far but can that knee hold up an entire season? It hasn’t held up once already this year. Which Tanaka shows up? Even if Tanaka is great, he is prone to the long ball as we again saw last night. Remember those 2-1 losses in Houston last year? It only takes one.

Sevy vs. Verlander, Tanaka vs. Cole, CC vs. Dallas, Sonny vs. Morton who do you like?

Sevy vs. Sale, Tanaka vs. Porcello, CC vs Drew, Sonny vs. Price. You like that series for us?


What about us facing the Indians again and having to beat Kluber, Bauer, Clevinger, and Carrasco?

Now let’s put in a Chris Archer as our #2 or how about trying to steal an injured Cueto from SF? With a return date of late July there would be no rush for Cueto’s return, making sure he fully recovers from his injury. Detroit is fading quickly how about pushing for Michael Fulmer again? Detroit and the Yankees can always seem to agree on a trade.

Let us not forget the difference in us playing in the WS last year was a pitcher, Justin Verlander, and Houston led the league in runs scored and oh yah they added Gerrit Cole.

Thank you

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