Breaking Down the Celebrations of the Judge Wednesday Home Run vs the Red Sox

Judge is great, you know that, even people hate the Yankees know that, which in turn makes them hate the Yankees more. You know who else thinks he's great, his teammates. Some of that love was on display after his monster dong on Wednesday night against the Red Sox.

This FanPost will focus on the celebrations but because it would be cruel not to, I've included the home run in the video below as well.

OK, lets break this down.

First: the handshakes. I'm sure most of you have probably never heard of the place called Tottenham before but it's a neighborhood in North London and they happen to house the greatest soccer team in the world my favorite soccer team, Tottenham Hotspur or more commonly referred to as the Spurs. I mention this only because there was quite the hub bub last season about the players having a bunch of intricate handshakes between themselves when one would scored a goal.

Me, I think handshakes are cool and show that you like each other enough to spend some time perfecting it. And these handshakes deliver. The Bret Gardner handshake was as bro-ey as you'd imagine the stiff upper lipped Gardy to adhere to, the Didi Gregorious handshake was as intricate as his tweets, and the Giancarlo Stanton handshake was the meeting of a rock and hard place (bonus points because watching Stanton during warm ups at the games I've been to made me wonder if he wasn't feeling like part of the group). Well done fellas.

Second: the Torres greeting. Gleybor is good and in this one he's a good young lad. Torres has not looked over-matched in pinstripes, at least not until this greeting. The way he goes to hug Judge, you'd think that Torres grew up idolizing the man and was awestruck. Judge gives him the hug back and Torres removes his helmet like a he was Judge's squire removing his armor. In sum, it was adorable.

Finally: Severino's whatever the heck he was doing. Severino went full bleacher creature in his celebratory greeting and it was amazing. But what was the point of the pouring of the sunflower seeds or whatever it was? To look like confetti? To give the great big giant a tiny little snack upon his heroic return? He must answer this. Either way, Severino's exuberant celebration was awesome as was everyone's.

The only thing second to watching your favorite team win, is watching your sworn enemy get beaten them celebrate together like they actually like each other.

It wasn't the first celebration this season, and it's surely far from the last. let's hope there's some more tonight.

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