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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/10/18

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Brett Gardner breaks out of slump against Red Sox; Greg Bird could be back in 10-20 days; Sir Didi makes incredible double play; a look at Gary Sanchez; Giancarlo becoming Red Sox nemesis; Dustin Fowler will be back in the Bronx on the A’s

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Newsday | Laura Albanese: Before yesterday’s game, reporters had asked Yankee manager and 2003 Game 7 ALCS hero Aaron Boone if he would consider moving Brett Gardner down in the lineup. Boone quickly denounced the idea. Perhaps the gritty, gutty one heard these blasphemous talks, because holy GGBG! Two doubles and a key triple, off of Craig Kimbrel no less, would help the Yankees defeat the Red Sox and take the series. Such grit. Much gut. | Bryan Hoch: You know what’s really fun about these Yankees? They are doing all of this and they are not at full strength. The bullpen is missing some key pieces, the rotation is missing Jordan Montgomery, and oh yeah, Greg Bird! Well good news on one front. Greg Bird is heading to the Class-A Tampa Tarpons to begin his rehab. If everything goes well, we should see Bird back on the Yankees in 10-20 days. Ca-Caw!

Cut4 | Adrian Garro: I always like to remind our readers that Sir Didi Gregorius is the world’s best human beings. In addition to his status as Earth’s premiere human, he’s also pretty good on defense. Sir Didi turned a beautiful double play in last night’s game. Peep this, non-Didi humans:

On one leg, throwing sideways, because wow! WHAT A GAME!!!

The Ringer | Michael Baumann: Gary Sanchez is awesome. Let’s just get that out of the way first. The Kraken is already setting offensive records as a catcher. He’s being talked about like Mike Piazza and Buster Posey. However, he does have one noticeable weakness. You know what it is. How big of an issue is it though? I recommend you read this.

Newsday | David Lennon: Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee. While he has not fully won over the stadium crowd yet, he’s on the right path to doing so. I mean, I can’t think of a better path to stop those pesky boos than beating up on Beantown. Thus far, Giancarlo is doing exactly that. There’s no need to stop, in my opinion. Perhaps hit another dinger or five against the Red Sox tonight, Dongcarlo.

New York Post | George A King III: Old friend alert. Former Yankee rookie Dustin Fowler is being called up to the majors. As you may remember, Fowler was included in the trade for Sonny Gray last year. As you may also remember, Fowler didn’t even get his first major league at bat because Guarantee Rate Field is dumb. Now he will be on the Athletics in time for their trip to the Bronx. Aaron Hicks, Brett Gardner, and Tyler Austin all talk about Fowler and how happy they are for him. Show him some love, Bronx faithful.

Didi Victory Tweet