Favorite Yankees - Red Sox moment

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Aaron Boone's heroics in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS is the popular choice. However, I was too young to fully appreciate the significance of that.

So my favorite moment in the Yankees - Red Sox rivalry had to be when Alex Rodriguez took Junichi Tazawa deep for a 2-run shot in the 15th inning to finally break a scoreless tie in August of 2009.

It was the most unorthodox Yankees - Red Sox game I have ever watched. It wasn't an offensively exciting game, but I appreciated how hard the pitchers made it on each and every batter. I knew that whoever won that game truly earned it, and that's why it stuck out to me so much.

Pitching was the absolute name of the game in that matchup. A.J. Burnett and Josh Beckett toed the rubber against each other and threw about 7 innings each, with Burnett only allowing a leadoff single to then-future MVP candidate Jacoby Ellsbury on the night.

I vividly remember Michael Kay remarking that a lot of ERA's will be lowered tonight. I thought it was funny of him to say that, but at the same time, I was growing frustrated and ready to just throw in the towel and head to bed since I didn't see an ending in sight any time soon.

Finally, though, none other than Derek Jeter came through with a single off Tazawa to give the Yankees some life late into the night. Tazawa would get the next two batters out, but then came A-Rod. A-Rod always had the chance to end a game with one swing of the bat, and at that point in the night, I was hopeful he'd do just that.

The at-bat dragged on for two or three minutes, but once A-Rod got a bat on the ball, I knew it was out of there. I jumped off my couch, but had to keep my celebration silent because my parents were fast asleep. But it was that moment where the Yankees looked like they had the magic to go all the way.

The Yankees ended up sweeping that 4-game series, and I believe that gave the Yankees renewed confidence down the stretch. The momentum of that sweep carried to the first game of their next series at Fenway, as they put up 20 runs in their next matchup to go up 7.5 games in the AL East. I was at a family members house watching that game, and I remember constantly clapping and cheering and my family members were probably annoyed at that. Still, it's not every day you see the Yankees go into Boston and absolutely destroy them.

The icing on the cake for the 2009 season between the Yankees and Red Sox was the Yankees winning their 100th game and division title in the same game against Boston. It was my first ever Yankees - Red Sox game, and it couldn't have gone any better than it did; especially when I got to see the great Mariano Rivera get the save.

Boston may have won the first eight games of the season-series, but the Yankees responded and went 9-1 against the Sox the rest of the way... and ultimately had the last laugh!

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