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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/1/18

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Sir Didi Gregorius awarded AL Player of the Week award; Sir Didi Gregorius insists he is not a home run hitter; Yankees lead the league in six offensive categories and could still improve; Yankees need to figure out how to score at Minute Maid Park

Tampa Bay Rays  v New York Yankees
Guess who was the AL Player of the Week last week? THIS GUY!
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images | Pete Caldera: It’s now May. Yay. The Yankees had a frustrating start to the month of April, no doubt about it. They managed to close the month strong. The Bronx Bombers have the 1st Wild Card spot, because that totally matters this early. Anyway, enough of that nonsense. Sir Didi Gregorius, the best human being, was awarded the AL Player of the Week for last week’s incredible performance. Sir Didi slashed .357/.419/.821 and was just overall “euphorious” as the kids like to say. | Bryan Hoch: Speaking of Sir Didi Gregorius, Sir Didi Gregorius. Our beloved knight insists that he is not a home run hitter, like that Greg Kirkland jerk does on his Twitter handle. Unless Mike Trout or Mitch Haniger hit dingers yesterday, Sir Didi is still tied with them for the league lead in dongs. Of course, he’s doing way more than hitting homers. He’s also tweeting better than anyone else in the majors. What a guy!

New York Post | George A. King III: Again, April was an okay month for the Yankees. The offense was pretty weak though. As King states here...

The Yankees led the majors in runs (163), homers (41), total bases (435), RBIs (158), slugging percentage (.466) and OPS (.811)

Like I said. Weak. Downright pathetic even. Okay, it’s pretty gosh darn sweet. What King also alludes to is that this isn’t even the Yankees’ final form. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton will probably hit way more dingers. Brett Gardner and Aaron Hicks can also add onto that total. It’s even possible that Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres provide some additional dongs. Oh, and Greg Bird will soon be back. Will he remain healthy? Maybe! Actually, I’m gonna say yes. Sue me.

The New York Times | Billy Witz: The good news from last night’s loss was that Sonny Gray pitched well. So did Dellin Betances and Jonathan Holder. The bad news is that you’ve probably seen last night’s game before, like in the ALCS. Minute Maid Park seems to be constructed out of Pinstriped Kryptonite, or Pinstryptonite, as the Yankees cannot seem to score more than one run a game there. Mind you, the Astros pitching was very good last year and is possible better this year. Still, they might want to figure out how to score there. Perhaps tonight!