Help a former Yankee - Venezuelan A's fan

My name is David Fernandez, I’m 20 years old and I’m a Venezuelan Oakland Athletics fan since 2012. I was actually a Yankee fan when I was a kid, I even celebrate the 2009 World Series, I went crazy after Hideki Matsui hit that base clearing double after fouling like 4 balls to RF and I also celebrate like a crazy persom after Cano and Teixiera made the final out despite it was past midnight. I study Industrial Engineering from 8AM to 5PM and after that, I have to work from 6PM to 12AM to help my mom with the food and other things like medicines to my grandmother and diapers to my 8 months cousin.

As I said above, I’m from Venezuela, I’m sure that many of you have heard about the current problems that we are going through, the economy is in a total collapse, the wages are not good enough to buy food, and basically every other aspect is completely rotten. I don’t want to make this a political post about how the current government ruined my country and my youth, so here and here are a few articles if you guys want to inform.

So instead of being a normal guy who logs in here and writes a post about his favorite team, I found myself in this embarrassing position of ask you guys just a little bit of help, literally is a very tiny help, because two American dollar ($ 2) is the equivalent of what I earn every month of work (around 400.000 bolivars) and with that money that I earn every 3 weeks, I could only buy a hamburger (although I don’t spend it in that). All the money I earn goes to my family and it’s not enough to go through the day by day. To give you guys a reference, I would have to work two months without spending a single cent in order to buy a regular sub at subway.

So that’s basically why I’m posting this, to see if you guys could help me with just a little bit, and not only me, my family too. The guys at Athletics Nations chipped in some bu bucks, and I will be forever grateful with them, I love those guys (you can see it here). You might not believe me because hey, it’s easy to try and steal easy money from people who I don’t even know and I understand that, but sincerely , I’m doing this because is a real necessity and I had to give it a try despite the fact that this is quite embarrassing. So it’s up to you guys, if you want to help me, this is my PayPal account (, and any help will be much appreciated. 50 cents, 1 dollar, 10 dollars, whatever amount you want, I will be forever grateful.

Also, you guys now have Sonny Gray, who is my favorite baseball player on the planet, I try to watch every single Yankees game when he pitches and I root for you guys, almost every single time because I hate the Red Sox with all my heart. Thanks for reading fellas.

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