What to make of the New York Yankees

Hi all. I want to ask this: how good are the New York Yankees?

It sounds like a silly question but...I'll will talk about the circumstances surrounding the 2 famous Yankee winning eras: 1919-1964 and 1994-2012

1919-1964: There was no free agency during this time...but also no draft. The league was also 16 teams at the time. So I much of the Yankees dominance was due to great scouting/management. And how much was due to the elite prospects simply wanting to sign with the Yankees, basically giving them a high pick every year? Or the other teams being incompetent?

1994-2012: There is free agency and a draft...but that payroll. I know they drafted the Core Four in the 90s. But what about the rest of the roster? And what about during the 2000s? And with an average payroll would the Yankees have been able to develop more cheap talent and be an elite team during this time period?

Take 2009 for example. In order to get down from 200+ to about 80 mil (approx average payroll) the Yankees would have had to get rid of Sabathia, Burnett, Texeira, Rodriguez, and maybe a couple more guys. And how good is that team then?

And these Yankees outperformed their expected win totals by a this due to having strong closers like Riviera who can lock down the end of games and boost their record through close wins? Or a different strategy? Or just dumb luck?

I guess I'll throw in the run during the 70s/80s as well in terms of "how good are they?"

And lastly some thoughts on how your current management is doing.

If I sound like some Yankee hater...I'm not. I really like the late 90s teams, and that 1996 WS is pretty legendary. Add in the New York prestige and I'm hoping I get a good answer on this because many of you probably know the history well (Better than the articles I tried to search up).

I actually don't watch much MLB, and I still find live baseball to be very boring. But I find the team structure (having to start so many pitchers) fascinating. Wish there could be something like that with QBs or hockey goalies or basketball. I also love some of the magical moments (96 WS, 2004 ALCS, 2011 WS,2016 WS,and lots more) that have happened.

Apologies if this was too long, but I had a lot to type.

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