How Many Games will Judge/Sanchez/Stanton homer together?

Amazing that the Power Triumvirate all accomplished this feat by the fourth inning of Wednesday's opening series 7-2 win against the Orioles. It's an awesome realization of their powerful credentials, but how often will it happen in 2018?

Would you go over or under five times this season?

First, let's say that we get 120-140 games that all three players are able to be in the lineup at the same time.

Second, what will be the lowest total of the triumvirate? Let's say that 35 homeruns for Sanchez is the low mark. He's also the streakier home run hitter of the three, at times carrying the team with bunches of shots, but at other times unable to pull everything out of the year or perhaps worn down with catching.

How often will one of the other two homer at the same time? Maybe between 15-18 times? There was one game last September against the Rangers in which Judge and Sanchez each hit two home runs.

Teams figure to load up on right-handed pitching against the Yankees, but they all have the power to go the opposite way over the short porch in Yankee Stadium. Furthermore, if one gets it going, the other two could lock in a little more and try to get his own. We could also see a lot of pressing strikeouts.

I'm going to say it happens four more times this year that all three homer and keep the number right at five. If anyone has a convincing case why it could be more, I'd be interested to hear the logic or guess.

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