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The best and weirdest of the Yankees’ minor league team 2018 promotions

Minor league promotions are fun and goofy, and the Yankees’ affiliates have plenty of that this season.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

A lot of minor league promotions are pretty good. Due to the fact that many minor league teams have to use promotions to drive ticket sales, teams tend to rely on them quite a bit. In some cases, they’re just things like normal bobbleheads or other run of the mill giveaways. People are always willing to wait in lines for bobbleheads, especially if it’s related to their favorite major league team.

In recent years, we’ve also seen minor league teams get goofy with promotions as well, which is great. Some fans may have a connection to their local minor league team, but there are also a ton who just go for a night out. Might as well have a Star Wars night or something and get a couple extra hundred fans in the park.

With the minor league season underway, here are some of the best and weirdest promotions from Yankees’ affiliates in 2018.

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders

The RailRiders have done a pretty good job with bobbleheads in recent years, such as this Greg Bird as an actual bird one that I am a proud owner of:

They’ve kept up this year with an Aaron Judge bobblehead on May 26th, which features him in judge’s robes, swinging a gavel.

Elsewhere on the schedule, they have a Shane Victorino bobblehead. Scranton used to be the home of the Phillies’ Triple-A affiliate, before you get incensed at them giving away a likeness of a former Boston player. There’s also something listed as a “Lord Torres” bobblehead being given away in conjunction with a Game of Thrones night.

The most intriguing event on the calendar is June 9th’s Backyard Baseball Night.

It's getting awfully nostalgic up in here! #BackyardBaseballNight #ThePlaceToBe

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There doesn’t seem to be a ton of explanation as to what exactly is happening, but the video game Backyard Baseball ruled. It would be hard to mess up something like that.

Trenton Thunder

The most notable event the Thunder are having is their Pork Roll Celebration Night. On May 18th (and every Friday after that), Trenton will be rebranding as the Trenton Pork Roll, including special uniforms, hats, and even a mascot. (Note: Certain segments of the Pinstripe Alley staff would probably like me to mention that they prefer pork roll be called Taylor Ham. I am from Pennsylvania and have no opinion on the matter. Don’t @ me.)

Most important on the schedule is July 2nd’s Bat Dog Celebration. We at PSA are fully in the Trenton Bat Dog hive, so this sounds great.

Tampa Tarpons

The Yankees’ High-A affiliate is in their first season with a non-Yankees nickname. Most of their promotion schedule is full of run of the mill Dollar Dog Nights or Taco Thursdays, but wait. Enhance.

Oh yeah.

Charleston RiverDogs

Three days stand out on Charleston’s list of promotions.

The first is July 28th’s Helicopter Ball Drop. I’m sure that’s something perfectly safe, but it does give a mental image of a large amount of baseballs being dropped out of a helicopter.

There’s May 3rd’s Jamaican Bobsled Night, where they will celebrate the movie Cool Runnings. Nothing wrong with that, Cool Runnings is great.

The third is “World’s Cleanest Ballpark” on May 1st. The RiverDogs’ website describes it as this:

The RiverDogs will finally clean up their act on the most pristine night in baseball history. The club will prepare with a thorough cleansing of The Joe leading into the homestead, and keep the grounds immaculate with extra ushers, bathroom attendants and squeaky-clean humor on a night that promises a concourse so spotless, you could eat a Homewrecker Dog right off of it. After last year’s Silly String Night and the upcoming technicolor ballpark triumph, the RiverDogs’ cleaning staff deserves a night off.

Nothing like a night dedicated to making people do extra menial labor.